6 thoughts on “Storm of Sapun Mountain In 1944, Part II”

  1. The people of Russia, and every other country for that matter, had better never forget the courage and sacrifice of the Red Army. The Nazis met their defeat in Russia. It’s good that these re-enactors put on these displays.

    • Come on now….
      The met their FIRST defeat there, and it was just one of many.

      There is just no way that the German army was going to be allowed to survive, at all. It was kinda like, teaching them a lesson, after WWI, and then they go and get involved in it again, just 20 years later? No, there is no way they were going to allow that to stand.

      • You are wrong. the German Army was never taught a lesson in WW I. No foreign soldier was in Germany at the end of WW I. The battle front was still far inside France at the armistice and the Russian armies were forced into a peace agreement already in 1916. Since the German armies had not been defeated and the conditions of the Peace treaty were just too strict Hitler found fertile ground for his ideas.


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