33 thoughts on “Victory Parades 2012”

  1. No Soros & Clinton troops of top-less church desecrater’s and fascist “opposition” out against the VDP? These cowards stays indoors on a day like this, looking at CNN & FOX

      • Are we talking about Russia or the Soviet Union? Because Russia did not collapse, Soviet Union did.
        – With love from Canada.

        • Seconded from the Maple Kingdom.

          And Was he talking USA or Soviet Union? For as I recall….the USA got into serious economic shit not-too-long-ago 😉

      • we collapsed because gorbachev was i mean is, a faggot and ruined the country when mr Putin became president in 2000, he was left to control a poor, corrupt, horrible looking nation where there were homeless children everywhere, alchoholics and oligarchs around every corner. Look at it now… As Putin promised he brought the country back on it’s knees and now the russian bear will go on all fours against usa 😀

  2. The soldiers and the BTR-80s carry different flags (a part from the Russian Federation one). Can anyone tell me what flags are or where can I found information and pictures?


    • White and orange flags are modern unit colours in old imperial style. From wiki: The new Army and Air Force unit colours are square shaped, have St. Andrew’s cross in the service or arm colour, and with the unit insignia in the middle. These colors are the basis for similar ones used today in the various Russian uniformed services. Examples are here

  3. Russian uniforms needs a serious make-over. Especially the hats.
    Missile transporters needs improvement, perhaps some white-wall tyres.
    Otherwise, not bad parade.

  4. i love all the pictures..what a smart looking soldiers, beautiful Russian chicks,cool veterans…amazing..i want more pictures like this..btw,where is Putin and his young pretty new wife??

  5. AK-74M for everyone, i think they manufactured quite enough, still, some old AK’s are used on the field. It does not matter but new weapons are still nicer and more professional looking than used to the bone AK-74

    • Facepalm. It’s USSR (soviet union) and since they are celebrating one of the greatest events in history, Germany’s defeat BY the Soviet Union obviously they are going to have them there…

  6. If this would truly celebrate the victory over Nazi-Germany, it would be an international thing celebrating international cooperation against a greater evil and of the victory of tolerance over race/nation based discrimination, but this great occasion has been turned into a parade of national pride and military strength… I find that quite sad.

    • Look at photos of 2010 parade, it was an international thing and soldiers of many nations of anti-Nazi coalition participated in it. I hope we will see them again in 2015.

    • It celebrates the victory of the country whose people won the war against the Nazis, and without which the war would never have ended in victory for the ‘Allies’. And since it was the military that achieved that victory, I think it makes sense for their greatest achievement to be celebrated via a military parade.

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