Russian Police in LA!

Russian Police in LA!

When you see something spelled like “МИЛИЦИЯ” be sure it means POLICE in Russian. People used to see those a lot on Russian police cars etc.
Of course, they used to see this in Russia, on Russian soil.

Russian Police in LA!

Then, some enthusiasts tried to imagine what it would be like if the Russian POLICE went to chase the criminals on American soil. They tried to inject Russian speed police cars into action games such as GTA so that it could cruise the sunny palm beach landscapes bearing cyrillic “МИЛИЦИЯ” logos. And it all seemed so unreal at that time. Unless recently.
Russian Police in LA!

Here we go, full time operational Russian “МИЛИЦИЯ” Police car down there on the streets of LA.

Russian Police in LA!

Equipped with a Russian-style full size blue light flasher (see on top of the car) and California road permits and car plates, this Russian police vehicle can successfully chase the suspects on the streets of SoCal.

Russian Police in LA!

We asked an opinion of an orthodox believer back there near the location the vehicles (yes vehicles!) were spotted and he replied something like: “So, for the god’s sake what we did so we allow the foreign police forces cruise our roads??” bringing us to a not easy truth of the contemprorary times and all this strange things happening lately.

Russian Police in LA!

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  1. They’re more than welcome. Russian cops would be a million times better than the filthy and murderous SoCal cops.

    • Your comment is one of three things: A joke. Your severe misunderstanding of the cruelty of Russian cops. Or an extreme hate for SoCal cops so that you use such a comparison. Let me just say that out of any developed nation in the world, Russia has, by far, the worst cops ever.

  2. Looks like a Russian made Hummer to me
    Its amazing how worldwide models tend to be designed and made similarly
    Is it strictly form to function or strictly copying over people’s works and designs
    Oh well its not as if you are delivering pizza

  3. It’s either old or these people are not up on the news. There is no Militsiya, it’s been rebranded as Politsiya.

    • Yep, not while old ‘see’ and his hunting rifle are on the watch. No way we’re going to be eating pierogis in Colorado anytime soon.

  4. I don’t see that as evidence that Russian police is in LA. That might as well be just a decal some dude, or film/tv production company put on a car. I mean, it’s freaking LA, where you will see lots of weird things going around, half of them being due to filming.

    Look at the plates, if it was really Russian police it would have had some special type of plates, not regular California plates.

  5. Movie prop car. I saw the Green Hornet car today at an upholstery shop [big black Lincoln]. LA is one crazy mad place.

  6. It’s actually not a police car, but it’s not really a film prop either. it belongs to ARTA, the American Russian Theatrical Alliance. the website’s blanked out in the first picture, and unreadable in the distance shot, but it’s
    How do I know?
    i saw this car today. no pictures on the website, though.

  7. it means nothing … Look at the cars, the Moscow prosecutor’s office.
    Porsche Cayenne cheapest car parked there.
    Great need for a Rolls-Royce Phantom, of course

  8. fake news : the lav says’militsya’, not ‘politsiysa’. militsiya was changed to politsiya in 2011, so this is not an active police vehicle anymore . the nissan car has a california licence plate, so it is not an active police vehicle either .

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