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  1. Blood stains are hard to get rid of. They can wash and wash those sheets, but without the correct solvents the stains will just remain.

    I have some sheets left over from when I was recovering from surgery over two years ago and the damned blood stains just won’t come out.

    The state of the equipment is a little troubling though, and the walls need re-painted, but I am pretty sure they tried their best to wash out the stains with some form of disinfectant.

  2. While I was working as an English teacher in Obninsk, Kaluzhkaya Oblast, my room-mate(American) was taken ill with atypical pneumonia. I remember the hospital being a bit shabby in places but on the whole – acceptable.

    When I arrived at reception to ask which ward he stays on, they knew instantly that I was looking for “the American”.

    The main observation was he shared a room (3m x 4m) with 3 other men. His Russian is much better than mine and even he struggled to understand their “fenya” or prison slang.

    My friend – coming from USA is not accustomed to not paying for healthcare. In this case, beggars cant be choosers.

    What is important to remember in Europe healthcare is free at the point of service. If you are ill you will be treated – subject to the finances of the state.

    In the USA you are in constant fear of becoming ill – will your insurance cover you? will they deny cover? will you get insurance in the future?

    And what of those without insurance? I am still amazed that in the USA there is no universal healthcare system.

    • That’s ridiculous.
      It is LAW in America, that ANY hospital emergency room MUST treat you without regard to payment. IT’S LAW.

      My dumb brother never got examined for colon cancer. By the time he had problems, and went to the hospital, he had cancer of “just about everything” they said.
      He had not a penny to his name. But they must have spent a million dollars trying to give that poor bastard a couple extra months to live. He had a nice private room, big screen TV…
      Go peddle your BS elsewhere.

      America has the best hospital system in the world. And if we ever DID get “free” healthcare, it would end up looking JUST LIKE THIS. Just check out Canada, people coming HERE for treatment. Look at what happened in the UK. Oh yeah, but it’s FREE!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

      • He probably got himself some Medicaid. Which is pretty awesome if you’ve got the papers to prove your nationality and legality to have appropriate health care at the expense of tax money.

        I remember living in the 80s of the US that there were charity hospitals. Operating in seedy areas of D.C. and Boston and looking much worse than the NHS today or this russian hospital. I don’t know if anything changed in 20 years, but even the US had to rely on poorly trained doctors, even worse paid nurses and barely any expense in sterilization or proper space for the patients.

        My sister, who lived in Virginia, had barely the means to pay the rent and feed themselves properly. When she had an unplanned pregnancy and gave birth in a hospital, she and her husband (who is a born and bred Nebraskan) had trouble paying the 20,000 dollars for having the kid born. It took them 4 months of barely eating enough food until a kind lawyer actually gave them advice for free, and they HAD been harassed by the hospital until they showed them their new and legal payment plan by gradually giving them a dollar a day. They went down to the point where they’re eating discounted cans of vegetables and bread from the clearance rack for that long.

        It’s actually nice to have free health care. Even if you might possibly get an infection (which happens even in private hospitals–how many times do we hear about some guy with a surgical forcep left forgotten inside of him? And there was a case of a guy who did surgery, but gave unwarranted surgery damaging women’s bodies in secret. He was suspended but allowed to practice 6 years later). Regardless, I never went down on my luck. I was close to being homeless as a teen, but luckily I never went to the point where I literally had nothing to help me.

        And…in addition…England and Russia HAD faced horrific recession which the US was thankfully exempt from. England had the Thatcher years where even tons of people had to yank off doors to use as firewood for winter. And I’ve lived in bases close to english towns where the hospitals are STILL slowly getting off debt from 20 years ago. Russia also had its entire system crashed a little while ago, remember? If the US ever got hit that bad, makes you think what would happen with the hospitals.

      • I LIVE in Canada and would never go the USA for any regular treatment. Ever. That being said, if there was a world-renowned specialist in the USA (OR MEXICO, for the matter), I might consider it, as would ANY AMERICAN who needed to access a specialist in Canada or another foreign country. It’s not a failure of the system, it’s a reality. Though seriously…they charge a lot. If one has but a penny to one’s name, they’ll take it.

        I was watching that show about people mining the sands of the Bering Sea for Gold in Alaska the other day and there was a guy on there who had over $100 000 in medical bills that he was trying to pay off. That never happens in Canada, ever. I have a friend who received over $100 000 in care (open hear surgery) and never had to pay a penny beyond his standard MSP premiums for this province (BC, $63/month). Many provinces even lack such premiums as it is all funded directly through the tax system.

        Anyway, the one problem we have here is wait times to see a doctor at our hospitals (unless one is SERIOUSLY injured, in which case it’s instant). No such problem in Russia. I went to a Russian hospital last year and within 10 minutes of hitting the front gate I was booked in and being examined by a doctor. I got a blood sugar check, ECG (on an ANCIENT piece of probably Soviet equipment…but it gave nice readouts), and X-ray. Was further examined by another doctor, written a prescription, and sent on my way. They didn’t even charge me, a foreign citizen.

        The hospital wasn’t pretty by any measure. It needed new wallpaper/paint/LOTS…but the service was amazing for some reason that day.

      • Oh yeah? I remember how they showed on TV how hospital ambulances in LA were dumping poor patients on the streets. Yes a hospital must give you the first aid, I am not sure about the full treatment. But that does not mean you do not have to pay. If you do not the hospital reports you to a collection agency and from there your only recourse is to file for a bankruptcy. That is why people are afraid to get sick. And people coming from Canada for treatment ? Never heard about it, but heard a lot of times that Americans go to Mexico for healthcare.

    • Dude, you are from London. Don’t bother saying bad things about American healthcare. In American hospitals, patients don’t die from dehydration or starvation. Unlike in England.


  3. The NHS has been rinsed again and again from freeloaders who didnt/dont pay a single penny into a once working system.
    these pictures arent shocking, theyre everyday life to one of the richest countries in the world, thats whats shocking

  4. @fred that is because u know the law… and yes healthcare in use is not the best. it’s france followed by italy and spain and guess what they are free. o by the way universal healthcare in uk and canada are top notch and one of the best. Universal health care doesn’t mean it’s free. people pay for it either in insurance form or tax. and russia has a record of producing the best doc in the world. so have some respect

  5. I have never wished to visit the United States because of it’s inhumane health care system. Third World countries provide the same kind of health care (none at all) only out of necessity.

    Concerning the pictures, all I see is a broken toilet and some dirty sheets. I would much, much rather be in a Russian hospital than denied health care in an American hospital.

  6. We in Amerika do not have universal health care and never will. The health care “industry” is the fourth largest in the US and is the protected property of the chosen few. America has 45 million folks lacking health care access. Our prescription drugs are more expensive than anywhere else in the world to assure good profits to the merchants. My 200 dollar medicine costs 41 dollars in Canada but it is against the law for me to obtain it there. I know many folks who must choose between food and medicine…. It is a fact of life here! Americans must get our country back from the profit mongers and Russians must take care not to follow in our money driven footsteps!

  7. Dunno…just got out of the hospital yesterday after open-heart surgery. Got state-of-the art treatment in outstanding facilities. My total copayment should be $55, or $11/day. This is in California, USA.

    • What co-payment ? You probably did not know that your employer deducts a good chunk of your salary for health insurance and himself pays a bigger portion of your insurance. Totally it comes to about $1000 a month for a family.

  8. fred johnsons have u ever seen the movie of michael moore? u really r dumb….beside del 20 millones of USA citizen dont have health cover coz they cant pay anythin but the other rest that have never cover anythin or u have to pay extras and extras and extras…..most run out to canada for health threatmen….tobias…deja de fumar chavon…aca tenemos hospitales y al menos alguien te da pelota, nose en q ciudad viviras pero no es tan el extremo, deja de mirar tn

  9. Cuba has great Free health care for everyone. If you have cancer they give your a good treatment…Aspirin.

    Same for dental care in Cuba. If you have little cavity decay, the treatment is permanent….pull tooth.


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