10 thoughts on “Opening the Strikeball Season”

    • Yeah I was kinda wondering what was with the guy rocking CADPAT (22nd picture from bottom approx.) while carrying all American kit.

      • No CADPAT in those pictures… the digital stuff you see is MARPAT, its a US Marine pattern.
        *source: retired CDN Army*

        • More like the USMC liked the idea that the Canadians where testing and they followed suit they received assistance from the Canadians in the design process the USMC design team tested 150 different patterns.MARPAT was inspired by CADPAT but it was not copied from a design not used by the Canadians which is what you seem to suggesting.

          • Was not suggesting that at all… was just pointing out that it wasnt CADPAT. I for one like MARPAT a little better then our CADPAT, as a military uniform I find it suits more regions then CADPAT does.

    • You must not have been in the military as there are many clues the first being unbuttoned uniforms such things are against dress regulations also some are not wearing hats(cover in Us military lingo) you always wear your cover when out doors.Facial hair is another clue anything more than a small mustache is not allowed and also hair length hair touching the ears and anything more than exceed 1 1/4 inches in bulk or length no side burns.

    • As long as nobody gets hurt, it doesn’t matter. Besides, there’s a good chance that some of them have actually served in the armed forces.

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