18 thoughts on “Soviet Cars Advertising, Part II”

  1. The chap driving the Lada in the 9th photo is clearly super fly in his whip he not one but two chicks coming over to talk to him.Fresh.

    I am pretty sure these are adds used in Western markets as in some photos the cars are right hand drive.

  2. Nice images from the past days. Most of the license plates are finnish. Any idea where these ads are from?

    • I’d say most of those Finnish ads are from Konela, local Lada importer at time and they were advertising quite a lot, Lada was a popular car as a cheap, warm and reliable car. It was of course looking something from 60s (which is was) and by Western standards the quality wasn’t too high. But those who bought it, didn’t so much care about imago, they wanted transportation. My grandfather had a ’74 model, quite similar like the one in first picture and I managed to drive it some times before he died. Compared to modern vehicles biggest difference is noise: These were very noisy cars if you tried to drive faster than 80 km/h, even the top speed was about 140km/h.

  3. We used to drive the yellow double-headlight Lada 1500 here in Holland and it was definately not a bad vehicle. Actually I enjoyed the fact we drove a Russian car…

  4. I can’t understand why they made the adverts since they had only 4 models you con choose.
    those cars had more colors available than the variety of brands that you could choose 🙂

  5. The cars have a former finnish number plate.
    We had the same Vaz 2101 as the second photo (the dark blue one), it was white and delivered in February 1972 (so was one of the first cars were produced in Togliatti). Unfortunately my grandfather sold the car when he became 75 years old, and had no mood to drive in the crowded traffic anymore. It was a really great car, without a scratch or a corrosion. Looked like new. It was pretty bad idea, as I could run her on a historic plate.

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