15 thoughts on “May Holidays In Moscow 1958”

    • Victory Day is held to celebrate the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War (the part of WWII that the Soviets fought, and won). It was the Soviet military that achieved that victory, so it perfect sense to have the Soviet military take part in a parade devoted to their success.

      • No, this is the “May Day” parade. They want to celebrate their part of WWII on May Day, but it is NOT the same.

        • The intent of May Day and Victory Day are not the same, but the way it was celebrated in the Soviet Union was the same. Only difference would be that the May Day parades military formations would be interspersed with acrobats, and weird floats.

  1. The irony of International Workers’ Day (1 May) is that it started in the U.S. as a tribute to labor and the brave, principled Haymarket anarchist-workers. The frightened U.S. Government would move “Labor Day” to September to appease the industrialists and downplay the influence of the socialist/anarchist and unionist movements which only wanted an eight hour work day (pretty scary!). The Second International established 1 May as a worker’s holiday.

  2. BTR-152 central tire pressure regulation system sure looks odd. I wonder how long until it broke in cross country use.

  3. LOL. The photo with the person diving, the photo right underneath it is of the soldiers with bayonets. My brain put the two photos together, owwww!

  4. Something about this photo…
    I don’t think 10-speeds and that style of bike were around that time.

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