25 thoughts on “Good Bye, Army!”

  1. The only description provided makes me laugh.

    “Tough dischargees on a long-awaited day.” So tough, that they cant wait to be released from service, lol.

  2. Something seriously amiss when servicemen get demobbed with all that stuff hanging from them! Also, most of them look as if they are all set to become criminals! English Russia gives us a good idea of what’s going on in that peculiarly dysfunctional country – obviously no place for a nice holiday.

    • Yes. English Russia is the perfect place to go for if you want to look for up-to-date, and more importantly true, information about Russia. Lol.

  3. Russia used to be represented as a brown bear. I presume the big teddy bear in plastic bag is a discharge present from military authority.

  4. I have long wanted to get this message through, about the peaked hats that Russian soldiers and officers wear. Guys, they’re MUCH TOO BIG!!! They look ridiculous! Can’t you see that? Mr Putin, you are modernizing the forces – now just take a look at those hats!

    • Those are parade dress uniforms, used only for official functions. While you may think of them as ridiculous, others may think it is the best design in the world.

      And note that’s the old dress code. Things have changed a lot since then. I’m not sure, but I think I’ve seen this post a long time ago here on ER.

      • The big hats have one distinct advantage – if you are standing in the rain, the water from the hat does not run under your collar. Anything else NATO style gets quickly uncomfortable.

        Try it 🙂

        • Yes. It’s mostly for show, but it would come in handy on a rainy day. 🙂

          Twice at functions in which I took part, it rained, and I had the misfortune of wearing a VS-issue visor cap. But then again, I was have been more worried about my medal and my shoulder-straps, rather than keeping just my head dry. 😛

    • It started in 1990s, when everybody from generals to Ministry of Defence started to order higher and higher hats. Eventually they got so big they can’t be increased anymore.
      Another thing, in Soviet times there was no emblems on the peaks of the hats. After 1990s, they wanted to both keep the star and add the eagle, so they had to increase that peak to accommodate an extra emblem.
      Overall, this is the most ridiculous development.

  5. They make the flashy items themselves for when they go home it is not an everyday uniform it is a Russian tradition as in most armed forces most guys they only have a few special awards so they make a flashy get up to make up for not having a chest full of metals.

    I was in the US military for 12 years and all I had where the ribbons and medals that they award to almost everyone if you stay out of trouble for 3 or 4 years in a row you will receive a rinky dink medal for that.

    Besides most people when they get discharged they are happy to go no matter how long you served when you are done it is nice to know that you will no longer have to deal with the “suck”.

  6. To wear one of these uniforms in public must take incredible psychological strength. A good trait for a soldier. The Russians have a method to their madness here!

  7. In the army, the 2nd half of the term, soldiers do not do anything, all chores are done by the soldiers who are only serving the 1st half. The “dembels” use all available time to prepare these outfits. They cannot wear them until they discharged, too, that’s why command has no control over it. All the guy in these photos are civil people.

    The irony is, a lot of these decorations are prepared for them by the younger soldiers, who are forced to do this in their free time, under threat of physical violence.

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