18 thoughts on “Victory Parade Rehearsal On Red Square”

  1. I always notice that many nations for ceremonial guards they always like to use an older rifle in the USSR they like the SKS (though I think an SVT-40 would look much sharper)in the US it is either the M-1 or M-14(the Unknown Soldier guards carry M-14s).I suppose it is because of the wooden stocks and a well polished fine grain stock looks good and also the bolt action is much more clear and crisp on an old rifle.

  2. This is good holiday for all Russians to come together celebrate life and remember those lost. Also to honour Mother Russia.

  3. [‘] for all who died defending the mother country.

    Regarding photos: nice ones, but some of them seems to be old. The redstar is visible on the equipment….

    • Most of them are comparatively new. The red star does not mean that they were built during the Soviet Era, and still haven’t been painted over (if thats what you were thinking).

  4. I can’t believe anybody can be enthusiastic about their military parades! If it wasn’t for the Allies giving up on fighting to the end, there wouldn’t have been any cold war. Also Russians were the bad guys of the WWII, don’t forget that. They ganged up on Poland with their German Nazi friends and attacked that country from both sides (Germans on the 1st Sep, Russians on the 17th). If it wasn’t for Hitler’s mistake of attacking them, they would’ve been ruling the world together to this day.

    • Talk about seeing the glass glass half-empty.

      This is a Russian military parade. Did it ever occur to you, that a Russian might just maybe be a little inclined to be proud of it.

      Talking about bad guys, the USSR approached Britain and France during the early years of Hitlers rule. The Brits and French turned the Soviets away, forcing Stalin toward Hitler. So learn the whole truth before, blindly lashing out against Russia.

  5. Well, I wrote long comment pro-Soviet but I’m American so I guess you folks tossed it, huh. I was hoping people would look more at the overall story, not picky details.

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