12 thoughts on “Residence of Mr. Yanukovich”

    • Holy Sheep Dip! I think you may be right. Wow! how f’d up is that, having a really classy wood paneled room, just to watch pornos.

    • Thank you for the thought provoking comment on a previous entry (R)evolutionist. I checked the section of US history you alluded to and found you to be quite accurate.

      In this case I don’t think that just Capitalist Leaders have a monopoly on big egos.

      I have seen some indications/evidence that some Socialist Leaders have also been endowed with an over-inflated sense of self worth too.

      And lets not even get started on Monarchists, Imperialists, and Pseudo-Religionist leaders, we could be hear all day.

      Just remember the old saying…Power, Corrupts: Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely.

  1. Looks like the halls on the Titanic. More typical Ukrainian waste for an already despondantly poor country, having sold all it’s resources to the west.

  2. What a kitsch! It’s the country that gave up its hi-tech and nuclear power, closed scientific research institutions in exchange for the money that were less than this crap costs (joke). But Yanukovitch? Guys, he is an excon, what TASTE are you talking about? He can barely speak Russian or Ukranian without obscene lexicon, he recently learned how to zip up his pants….


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