9 thoughts on “Dirty Dirty Prokopevsk”

  1. Do they have there an open carbon date test on the genes or something?And then here and in a lot of other country’s,they have an law ,to prefent cabondioxide levels are to high poluting the air……….
    I do not know how people can be happy for one day,in a. area like that,or willing to multiply,to give such to their offspring.
    But i know,it’s cold their,and remote,i hope things are changed in a lot of parts of Russia the common years.

    U know what i think with the whole shit on earth,seeing such as this,why are other country’s so strict in preventing pollution in air and or ground,when i see this mess.

  2. And another,on the 1st picture,u see modern cars,but if u photoshop those away,u think it’s a picture out of 1890 orso……why not drive there on coalfired cars??
    like in those days……a very confrontating picture between past and now.
    For me,here in another part of the globe.

  3. 60 years ago, the air in Manchester, England was like Prokopevsk. It’s much cleaner now, but not much industry left.

  4. So do people freeze and starve to death, why don’t Western country come provide housing and food for Russian people. A volcano puts out more pollution than ALL man-made coal/oil on the earth.

    I guess environmentalist want people to go extinct exempt for certain few deemed ‘fit’ in their eyes.


  5. it makes me laugh when I see Americans criticising other countries when their “fracking” is causing earthquakes, ground water pollution and flames from their faucets!


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