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  1. Nice war-romantic pictures! Wehrmacht meets Krasnaja Armja! Russian grandmothers and granddads are rotating in their graves. 😉

  2. If this is English Russia, then why they all time put this neo-nazi propaganda? Incredible how much nazi propaganda is in this site. Are you ppl realy from Russia? I see only smiling communist girl with smiling nazi soldiers. That’s mean they don’t hate each other, but that love each other?! That’s stupid, and this is trying to show the nazi soldiers as civilized, while the truth is totally opposite. Tha Englih Russia look’s like some soft neo-nazi propaganda, and coz of that, this comment probabli will not be show.

    • I agree. its nothing but neonazism. The way caviar is harvested, explained how the jews are evil.
      Most of the soldiers have Wehrmacht uniforms on. I dont see any SS uniforms.

  3. Don’t hesitate before shot at enemy just because the enemy is a pretty woman. Otherwise, you will be shot by her. Ladies in uniform, they were soldiers, are soldiers today as well.

  4. Not “neo-nazi”. It’s a re-enactment, komentator. It’s for people who are into militaria and history. In the US, they have civil war re-enactments, doesn’t mean the grey side is advocating slavery. People do these things because it’s fun, when you know that nobody is actually going to get killed and it is sufficiently long time after the real (not-fun) events have died into history.

    And most of the Germans probably were not nazis, either. (And of those who were, officers probably, it was because it was expected, not because they cared. Sort of like being a Party member. I knew one of those, a long time after the war, he married a Jew.)

  5. This is not a nazi propaganda. This is historical reenactment. Photographs depicted the military-historical game “The reconstruction of the battle of the Great Patriotic War”.

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