26 thoughts on “Jaguar Generation”

  1. I tried this Vodka/Energy combination once, was really bad, i didn’t like it at all.
    I will stick back to German beer and Irish Whisky. 🙂

    • I think that Mikhail Prokhorov’s economic liberalism also will not cause problems for freedom of trading drinks to every free citizen. If this people want to get ill or die soon so it is their own choise which can’t be controlled by government.

  2. Da ,da.Generatia nu stiu cum.Care este compozitia chimica a bauturii?
    Vorbiti-mi despre generatia tinerilor care se hranesc cu alimente organice.

  3. Energy drinks and alcohol combined in one is nothing short of a poison. But let them drink it, natural selection will sort everything out

      • That may be true but this just makes me sad seeing this happen and it should anger Russians everywhere

        What’s happening is the same old story a corporation using the poor to get rich. They prey on the young trying to appeal to what’s “cool” have any of you visited the website?

        Why does the first page have two young looking punks on front dressed in young urban attire with a mean looking dog growling. Why is hip hop music playing because they want the young crowd it’s mainly sold in poor community’s and popular with the club scene

        Just do a little research and you’ll find out more the CEO or co-founder is Saeed Mohammadi from United Arab Emirates

  4. Israel beer company this Jews trade
    We have oil but Jew want our country his residing drugs
    I law
    All Russia know Jew bad
    Dime I send all my lept


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