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  1. Interesting photos of the Russian submarine fleet. Why is there a photo of the battleship USS Iowa firing its main turret cannons right in the middle of page 2? That’s not even slightly Russian!

  2. I’m very confused, these years all state 1930-1940’s, yet the pictures look like submarines that have to be at least from the 70’s or something ??

  3. impressive submarines. where they really made in the 30’s?
    They had already a modern hydrodynamic shape, while the submarines from the west had still a surface boat shape
    impressive they were ahaid of their time

  4. .none of these boats are
    from the date described under the photo.. this is funny by the way . Whats happening are you changing the history ?

  5. Calling foul on this, the L-class submarines in no way look like the pictures titled as such. They were rather crude enclosed boats in shape.

  6. This is all post-WWII stuff when submarines started looking like submarines. Probably ’50s and later. Someone needs to re-research them as the post would be far more interesting with proper dates on it.

  7. I’m guessing the photo’s were just place holders, the real WWII sub photo’s were to be added later.
    So the description doesn’t add up, and when this site grabbed the photo’s, they just copied the description, not knowing they don’t even come close to matching up.
    But um… isn’t that the Iowa firing it’s mighty guns?

  8. There are some photos of Kursk?
    for example http://media.englishrussia.com/112012/submarinespacificfleet/submarinespacificfleet-50.jpg

      • It looks like those cables are for deperming (permamently lowering the magnetic signature of the ship) as opposed to degausing (which is a temporary effect). Degausing cables horizontally ring the ship with an on/off switch. Deperming wraps the ship and is accomplished mainly in newer ships.

  9. hello greatings from germany – thank you smithsmitty!
    nice photos – i have never seen that.
    i can sleep verry well – russia is powerfull.

  10. When I was young and went to school we learned in the 60 years, that 1 submarines ship of soviet union comes from under and broke the ice from northpool and than the peoples play football in the sun.

  11. A whole lot of Oscars, not much else. Also, a lot of these are not Pacific, for example, you have Kursk and the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov, both of the Northern Fleet (Arctic Ocean). To echo some earlier comments, dates are all off, none of the boats in this set are from before the ’70s (I THINK you have a Victor in there, but may be mistaken), and what the bloody hell is the USS Iowa doing in here?!

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