6 thoughts on “Leningrad Of 1965 In Photos By German Tourist”

  1. The women seem to be so Women… nice-looking and full of hidden surprises. I want to go back in time and date one of those soviet girls.

    • What you’re just saying that women shouldn’t be allowed to express themselves, and be able to dress and have the same rights as men to do so (both economical, political and socially). That is objectifying, and quite bigoted.

    • he isnt sayin women shouldnt have the same right as men, he is sayin women look more natural than today full of seguries and all that crap, and is nice if they keep somethin hide for let ur imagination work =)

  2. Camera is propably Leica. Film used is Kodachrome slide film, it look perfect after 50 years. Slides from year 1939 look exactly same (there is public archive on internet)

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