13 thoughts on “Baby Bear Rescued In Chukotka”

  1. Awesome pictures! The bear looks very very cute. It’s great to see people actually care about their own neighboring creatures.

  2. All very well, but in a couple more months they will need to get the cute bear some human babies to chew on (I mean play with!)

    I know they’ve done this with “kindness” in the hearts, but a wild animal is a wild animal and it will either suffer (being in the human environment) or won’t be able to return to it’s natural environment after human contact. It’s tough – I wish them and the bear best of luck.

  3. Is there some way it could be ‘adopted’ by another animal? The human contact is nice, but bad for the bear.It is cute, I must say.

  4. That’s awesome.I believe firmly, that all we everyday humans are basically the same- good intentioned- and for every one bad news story (which sell better) there are 10 good ones untold- in all nations.
    PS the bear looks very clever and mischievous- when it starts teething- their furniture will be ruined!

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