18 thoughts on “Simple Handmade Stove”

  1. You don’t have a stove, but you happen to be carrying a log, a chainsaw, newspaper, frying pan, meat, potatos and onions

  2. As a former assistant Scoutmaster I thought I’d seen it all, but this is cool; beats the old hole in the ground with a vent tunnel since the chow is comfortably high. And yes, a Scout could easily make such a device with gear from his patrol box.

  3. We often use this kind of stove while working in the forest in winter here in Germany, not only to cook but also to warm up on cold days. I have heard it referred to both as a “Swedish” and “Finnish” stove.

  4. Do you need chain saw? Can you make one with an axe? It looks like it needs to be connected at the bottom so you indeed need to carry the chain saw with you.. ?

    • You could use a hand saw if you want to take a little more time doing this, I suppose.

      A bow saw with a Swedish blade works wonders in the woods.

  5. These type of stoves have been around for sometime. Do a youtube search for Swedish Fire Stoves. Even in the United States and Canada, old woodsmen, trappers and such used to make these. Even for camping today I will use a 4-5 inch diameter log about 5 inches and baton an x halfway down and use it to boil water or cook some fish while hiking.

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