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  1. The only good fascist is a dead fascist. There is an minority of people in the US who appologize to and befetish the nazis, going on about how honourable and clever they were miltarily. The fact is that whenever they met a prepared and motivated force, the brits in the air and sea, the soviets on land, and later the americans in western europe, they got their a**s handed to them. Worthless scum from top to bottom.

    • Considering how outnumbered they were it’s actually quite impressive how long they fought. But like all fascist and/or ultra nationalist governments they constantly overestimated their own capabilities. So it wasn’t really a matter of strategy but more like a matter of time.

      • The fascists couldn’t have been but so clever, after all they took Schikelgruber (aka Hitler) as their leader.
        I understand the Allies had a plan to assassinate Hitler, they called off the assassination because Hitler’s decisions were doing so much damage to the German war effort.

    • Yes but remember for every panzer knocked out the allies lost 7 or 8 of their own,also many of these panzers have been self destroyed due to damage and lack of fuel-not combat,such was the situation in 1945.

      • Funny how every time I hear this claim about kill ratios the number is higher every time, and there’s never once an actual source for said information.


  2. Balaton Lake region,Hungary -scene of massive action from Nov.1944 to March 1945.
    Although some of these photos are of Budapest Dec-Feb. 1945.

  3. The only thing ever Made in USSR was WEAPON’s, today the only thing Russia creates is WEAPON’s.

    Same old KGB Communist in control, I would not trust Russia.

  4. What is the difference today, Russia parades weapons, they are preparing for the invasion of Israel one day and that will be the end of them…

    • You have been peeking at end times prophesies again, haven’t you? You are perhaps referring to the action plan code named “Marching South”. Russia may enter the Middle East, but only to try to secure their own interests. An incursion by China would practically guarantee the scenario you describe.

  5. The Half ot these vehicles where self destroyed by the panzer crew and the kill ration was 1 panther kills 8-11 T34 tanks or 10-14 shermans or that panther was killed before from an Il2 or from an Typhoon and most of these pictures was taken in Hungary the only FASCHIST in hungary are the ” arrow cros members” not even hungarians” and the funnyest thing is that the german 509 tank battalions 3 kingtiger tanks knocked out in one battle 85 of T34/85 tanks ( the russian have no radios in these tanks)

    • Well, 85 T-34/85s seems to be waaaay too much….. They lost ‘only’ 41 T-34s to four (not three) Tiger B on January 27, 1945 at Pettend. Most of them were from 135 TBr. of 23 TK. Total division loss was 54 burned and 14 KO’d T-34s this day, including victims of other German (& joined Norwegian) units.

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