16 thoughts on “Rusting Ionospheric Research Station In Ukraine”

  1. In the end, the b*stards always win, and science and education slip away because they take more work than thievery and politics…

  2. Sure, Russia today is without corruption, has decent politics and can feed everybody in the country. Russia is still crying over the “lost” countries that found it better to be independent than to remain under Russian politics…

  3. Lana Sator’s site is terrific.

    Quote “now there are stalkers, tourists and hunters for nonferrous metal who show interest in it”

    So is the little dog a stalker a tourist or a hunter

    • and then where you could see this lovely posts? imo it’s part of history. let it be. it doesn’t hurt. there are other stuff to recycle.

  4. What a waste of useful science resources…

    Billions on rubles and dollars, for what?

    In the menatime, a lot of hungry people walk around cities without a piece of food in their hand.

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