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      • High Dynamic Range. Photo made out of at lease two or three photos who has been exposed at different speed. The most commun is three : one photo with an average exposure, one “darkly” exposed and one “clearly” exposed, so that the good exposure zone of each photo can be used.

      • AnonymousCoward, funny name, alias “w” or maybe “jimmi jim”……..I think I get your point, we are all anonymous and probably a coward in some way to…… 🙂

  1. Sad.

    An abandoned military outpost is not usually sad. They are just life moving forward, nothing stays the same forever, etc etc.

    But I find this place to have a sad feeling.

  2. If I am not mistaken, I found this very ship under a Christmas tree when I was a little boy. There vere 4 or 5 of them manufactured from old French molds, very probably bought second hand from Heller. The strange Soviet plastic was very hard to glue and paint.

    • Almost every soviet kit was made from old Heller forms 🙂 Soviet plastic was so hard, it required chainsaw to cut 🙂 And there was soviet glue – first week nothing, still soft. After three weeks – hard and solid as rock 🙂

  3. It could have been a lovely story. However, the photographer has gone for an artistic look. I’m beginning to hate photoshop enhancement everywhere. They’re so unnatural and dishonest. The reality here would have been a more poignant narrative.

    • Because it costs money to haul it away, it’s just easier to leave it if you don’t really need it. The US is leaving tons, millions of dollars worth of military gear in Iraq because it would cost more to ship it back home. Buildings, air conditioners, trucks, armored cars (SUVs) Just about everything except tanks and stuff.
      Worth millions, maybe billions, but it would cost more than it’s worth, to bring it back home.

      And that’s good stuff too. What you see in these photo’s is mostly junk.

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