14 thoughts on “Hopeless Traffic Jams In Moscow”

  1. 1) check how rest of the world handles this problem
    2) charge using huge tax for entering moscow
    3) optimise public transportation
    4) go drink vodka

  2. Damn i do not wanna life there,hopeless,if i see those pics,such a good underground metro line,and then these pics…looks like a depressive roller coaster on it’s way back…can’t think of nothing else when i see this.
    Is Moscow now the most air polluted place on this globe?,i understand they have to go to their work,but seeing this…….

  3. By the pictures it seem that the key of the problem is the lack of traffic lights and the disobey of traffic rules. For instance, you can see in the photos that people try to make himself a place in the crossroads without any coordination. In my country it´s call “to chest” and occur in the same situations. The reasons are the same: lack of infraestructure, city plannification, and lazyness of policemen.

  4. I live in Moscow and I drive about 100 km there every day.The traffic is not so awful as it is said here. If you use the services, that give you info about the jams, you can drive with the spped of subway. Also I want to add, that in 2 past days 30 cm of snow has falled on the roads. In Europe or USA it is the national problem and we drive only a little bit slower than usual.


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