9 thoughts on “Zhanaozen Disturbance Aftermath”

    • Yep, the liberals will not give up their power easily.
      That’s OK, they’re gonna “rule” through the EPA and the judicial system that they packed with liberals. They don’t need elected office any longer.
      Things like the fraud, that got obama the lawless on the ballot in Indiana, that Eric (the race pimp) Holder has simply refused to investigate (along with throwing out the (already won) case against the black panthers, and the whole ACORN thing….
      Yep, people are gonna get tired of that real fast, and it’s gonna blow up on them.

      But! Look on the bright side, that’s what obama the lawless wants. He thinks an angry, rioting, unemployed America, will vote for him, because he thinks, that everybody else thinks, he is the “savior”. Vote for me, and I’ll make it better!! I’ll take from those that have, and give to those that have not!
      That may work in other countries, but not the USA because most people, simply want to work, and will vote for whomever they think will create jobs, not “give them stuff”. (although there’s WAY too many of those that vote for somebody based on who is going to give them the most stuff (taken from other people of course).

      • If you don’t like it do something that matters, like quite your useless whining and vote. Oh wait you probably did and those godless liberals won anyway. What did you expect when the conservatives are brain dead enough to nominate candidates like McCain who turns around and picks Palin to be his Presidential running mate? Talk about a non starter… McCain, bless him, is a great war hero but he has no integrity left since his honest run for president in 2000, when Bush handed him his ass. By 2008 he had forsaken his values and would say ANYTHING to get elected, it was so sad and pathetic to see what he had become. Talk about desperation. Then the icing on the cake was him choosing Palin as a running mate. lol, you want to be mad at someone? You should be mad with conservatives for nominating such worthless candidates for office. I am.

  1. Kazakhstan president sold natural resources of his country, he steels money from his own country – he created vast corruption system. I was there 10 years ago as a missioner (MSUM, Atlanta)


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