20 thoughts on “Zhuravlyonok, An Abandoned Summer Camp”

  1. who was allowed to go here to stay and for how long. Was it good fun or not, do they have a good reputation………??………??….

    • From the gentle representations of Comrade Lenin, I would say this was a progressive Summer Camp for children during Soviet times. I imagine it was a very nice place under which capitalism couldn’t make an obscene profit; therefore, it was abandoned utterly.

      • No, how about, “It utterly failed because it couldn’t make ANY profit, and if it can’t support itself, it was abandoned.”??

        Yeah, much better.

        (obscene profit? Please tell me, at what point, does “profit” become “obscene”??)

      • I’m going to disagree. Just like so many other things, places like this were only for the privileged classes. You wouldn’t have found the kids of factory workers or collective farmers. They would have been children of high ranking officials and apparatchiks.

      • Privately owned Summer Camps in the U.S. hardly make an obscene profit, yet many of them remain in business. But nice try at blaming capitalism for it’s downfall. Maybe that’s just the way capitalism works in Russia, if so you can blame Russians for that.

      • The conservatives are swarming like hornets… maybe I went overboard, geoff?? But the fact that children today are all isolated playing video games got to me…

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Pioneer_camp
      Any child in appropriate age was allowed. Those pioneer camps had different reputation, usually good.

    • To revolutionist: Yes a nice socialist camp, where only the children of people from the nomenklatura (rich people from the communist party) were allowed to go.

  2. The place does not seem to be beyond repair. Question is whether today´s children would appreciate such camp. However, it would be necessary to kill the heracleum with Roundup first.

  3. Actually these pioneer camps were open to any child whose parents wanted to.

    Infact, a non-communist version of such camps would be of great benefit to todays Russia.

  4. As an American and good capitalist, I would guess that the camp remains abandonded because there may be ownership problems. Who would want to try to clean it up and build a reputation as a great camp if a goverment agency can come by and declair that the title isn’t good and the site belongs to the state of ??????. Waste of money. I live in the state of Maine where there are camps that are over 150 years old. They don’t make great money but they get by. I would love to take over that camp and build it into a place for kids including computers, phyicial training and a theme for each section, but who owns what?

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