27 thoughts on “Life In Russia By A. Petrosian, Part 2”

  1. This seems to be some kind of anti-russian propaganda. Anyone can take pictures of ANY country, sort them in a negative way and voila – c’est fait! Makes me sad

    • No possibility that it is just his attempt at comedy? You think he was trying to put Russia down in some way? It is a sad fact that the first thing you think of is that. It shows how overly sensitive the commentors on this sight are to any precieved slight against Russia. I think you have lost your sense of humor. What i see in each picture is a dicotomy of life in Russia. The soccer game is male/female. the Sewer worker and the girls working/liesure. In a country that is truggling with it’s identity this makes perfect sense. Russia is struggling with imperial and soviet legacies and trying to move into modern society at the same time. Good work Petrosian. Sorry some of the folks in this site don’t get you.

      • Typical Russophile overreacting to a perceived slight against Russia. If you aren’t boldly praising Russia’s virtues you must be spouting Russophobic propaganda. Par for the course at ER. 🙂

  2. Aleksey Petrosian photos are just soo intersting. He is in the right place with his camera all the time.

    Russia looks like such a diverse/wonderful place

    • At least once a week, while I was teaching in Kyiv, I walked by dogs humping in the street. It is an all too common thing… and I am guessing that if you spend enough time in the less central neighborhoods of Moscow, you will see dogs humping fairly often….

  3. What episode of Star Trek TNG did the guy in black just beam down from?

    And where can i get one of those “Black women” body suits??? lol

  4. Hmm, this is a weird set of photos, mathematically speaking it’s non-representative, but cheerful. Google can cheer even more, if to search images for “rednecks usa”.

    • Ugh, it is not really everydays Russia. It is a collection of a bit of a of freak stuff because otherwise it wouldn’t be “interesting”.

  5. This web site is a pure ” Anti-Russian” propaganda. By the way, last time they blocked my message. The person who took these pics was trying to present Russia in a very unfavorable way.

    • If so the only people who care are insecure Russophiles with a weak sense of nation pride. I mean really. They’re some artists photos, not a political essay.

      • @Hirsch: You also miss the point: It’s about pictures with HUMOUR… But then your hate against all russian things surfaces and can’t be controlled.

        Smile once in a while. It will be good for you and your wierd complexes snd fears.

  6. The bride leading the groom with the chain in the background was very humorus. The Moslems praying was nice like the priests walking down the street. Best one was the Penguin being beaten up or was he a cop?

    Nothing anti-Russian nor anti-Orthodox about the images. Russia has all sorts of people from the extremely wealthy and dull to the very poor and full of life.

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