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  1. No outrage and no violence. All the usual suspect in the Colourcoded-revolutions™ Reant-a-crowd, INC. Soros, National Endowment for Democrasy and Clinton are clearly disappointed and didnt get the slightest bang for their (Am.tax)bucks.

    The Russian FSB clearly outsmarted these bough hooligans and orange-activists™ Navalny and Pravda.info contributing editor Sergey Udaltsov now languishing in prison and seized the rally from CIA/MI6 agents among the crowd. Well done Russia!

    • Not for real, the communists jsut got most of flaggs. People dont want this communists cause they are all KPSS, but they want REAL socialists.

  2. In my country 4000 armed police surround 100 people who oppose rush-throughed FTA. and police finally shot water to 100 people. It’s real.

  3. 25,000 against 140 million

    That´s not an “opposition” that is a mob, a bunch of plebs on NED & Co payroll. You should do something about the continuing NATO aggression and hostile encirclement of your country before it´s to late, that is what you should do as real Russians.

  4. I support the protest of the rigged elections but I have a huge problem with the fact that most of these people are automatically calling for the communist party to gain power. If the elections elect a communist Duma and then president I don’t think Russia will do well.

  5. This should be a HUGE wake up call for the Russian authorities.

    I doubt the Russian people have ever elected somebody. They have all be rigged. This practice, of them decided who is going to win, and by how much, has probably been going on for a while.

    And you the people, should be terribly mad, and insulted. Them doing this, has just told you, that they do not think you’re smart enough to actually vote. (so we’ll take care of it for you)

    Then the fact that they tried to keep people from protesting… going back to their old, dirty tricks…. You guys should be outraged!

    That’s just telling, not only are you not smart enough to vote, but you just go back to sleep, don’t even think about getting involved.

    I never liked Putin much. After he left office the first time, he kept inserting himself into all kinds of stuff.

    Every time you turn around, he’s doing something “big”, like the tiger hunt… It’s like he’s hiding something, or forcing himself to be something he’s not.

    Most guys, if they really ARE that kind of guy, they don’t worry about getting their face plastered all over the papers. So, he’s phony.

    Plus, I think he’s just a bad guy. Not good for the Russian people at all. Too much of a dirty trickster. And that would bring the Russian people down more.

    Power to the people….

  6. Well ayaa, so much for it only being a few hundred people protesting the election results… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    We both knew the government was deploying thousands of police and special forces to the streets over a couple of hundred protesters. This is the outrage at the fraudulent elections that they are preparing to contain.

    Russian Spring, or passing thing? Time will tell.

    • ROTFLOL. You really think that 30,000 protesters represent 140 million Russians? Maybe you’ve been on welfare benefits for too long.

      😀 😀 😀 😀

      • I didn’t say that, but nice try anyway…

        30K to 80K in Moscow alone, along with thousands more in other cities is a fair bit more then the 500-1000 people you were mocking yesterday. That’s why they were deploying thousands of police and special forces to the streets a few days ago. They knew this was going to be a lot bigger deal then you seem to have figured it would be. But no, i don’t expect a couple of hundred thousand protesters to change anything, other then perhaps a superficial second look over then election results before they again validate the results. That’s what happens in controls controlled by a majority party of “crooks and thieves” and they’ve un-affectionately become know.

        Let’s face it, whatever good Putin has done to pull Russia out of the sh*t hole it was in post communism, he didn’t get to be a multi-billionare the legitimate way. At best he’s a Russia “Robin Hood” whose gotten massively rich while benefiting other Russians too.

      • What are you talking about ayaa? Even in most popular tv show projektorperishilton they said what the people think. There do you live, in which region? Everyone here want real election.

        • What THE people think? No. Thats what only what SOME people think.

          What about the everyone else? What about the other 140 million (which, unfortunately, is by far the vast majority of Russians)?

          I voted United Russia. Hell, we won! So did everyone in my family (that I asked), and so did just about everybody here. Here, is Borisoglebsk (in the south, near Ukraine).

          P.S If its of any help, this is a agricultural town.

  7. The Police did show remarkable restraint, and it’s surprising a protest of 30K was sanctioned in the first place, and they did nothing when it exceeded that limit, and even allowed other protests to happen that weren’t sanctioned. I hear they covered the various protests in the state TV news too not just this one that was so large it’s hard to ignore. So that’s all rather promising so far. But they will accomplish nothing if it’s just a few days of protests at various cities.

    Anyway election fraud stinks no matter where it happens. When the government won’t police themselves against election fraud all that is left is for the people to take action and stand up for what’s right.

  8. Capitalist representative democracies are all corrupted by money. All capitalist systems are corrupted by money. The Russian people are courageous for protesting (unlike the Americans who rolled over and played dead after the pathetic 2000 Presidential election) but it won’t amount to anything unless the millionaires/billionaires want change. They control us, period.

    • This is right, the whole world everywhere is demonstrating against autocrats. Whole europe, USA, Russia, North Africa, Israel, Syria, Iran, Japan are demonstrating against government. The whole system is shit. People of all nations come together! Take over the streets.

  9. ‘Duma members, we didn’t vote for you!’ Welcome to democracy, most of the time you’ll not get what you voted for. If everyone got whom they wanted then the parliament would be about 150 million strong. Still, it is better than communism, if that argument satisfies you, then congratulations citizen.

  10. About time that the Russian people took to the streets to protest against their government.

    2011 was the year of the revolution. Gil-Scott Heron said that “the revolution will not be televised” but the advancement of the internet and the social networking that goes with it, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube among others have played a part in connecting people with events going on in their/other countries.

    And I hope that Russia does get taken back by the people, in the same way that I wish for every other country to have a government that is fair to its citizens.

  11. Like it or not, there are few problems.
    1. There’s not enough people to make things change. 80000 is a small number for 10000000 city.
    2. There’s good reason to think that somebody uses elections (Faked or not) and tries to stir up the trouble to advance their own agenda.
    3. There were no good candidates for elections. No matter what would happen, nothing would change.
    4. Their transparants are ridiculous. If you demand something, you should be more specific.

    The sad truth is that no matter what happens, things won’t improve, and probably change for the worse. There were no good candidates on those elections. I look at those photos and I see that people are clueless and somebody behind that all has enough money to organize the demonstration.

    As they say “nothing’s gonna change the world”

    • There wont be good candidates as long there is only propaganda on tv. We are specific. We want the repetition of the election and free tv.

  12. ※P.S. : ‘Political power is given by people.’ from Constitution.

    Why politician did like that? What for? Who for? -likewise who snatched FTA- politician who rape democracy must got punnished by people.

  13. About time that ER posted something about this.

    2011 the year of revolution? Hardly look at Egypt they are no better off than they where before now it is a different group in charge but the amount of freedom people have has not changed at all.

    To have true revolution you need a much larger portion of the population than what showed up at the Russian protests.You need some way to ensure that another unfair group does not fill in the void that was left by the old one.

    I see that some have the illusion that somehow only capitalist governments are corrupted by money.Wrong.People are corrupted by power and money is a means to have power.Communist governments throughout history have been just as guilty of being corrupt by power as any other.

    The only solution is what the American Declaration of Independence states.A document that most Americans in power would like to ignore.They claim that you can change things by voting but today this is a laugh whoever has the most money and buys the most air time wins.

    People should think like John Locke.

  14. Putin has done a tremendous job for Russia. Jailing the russo-jewish oligarchs or have them fled to israel/london and restoring the country to where it belongs. Much more is needed in this regard but people as the election results shows,want a faster social change as well, not neo-liberalism and McDonaldization. You can be sure that Medvedev and Putin did get the message.

    In the bigger picture, the west lost this election and their billions of dollars invested to it, as the Golos scandal shows, M K Bhadrakumar:
    “In sum, the trajectory of the current US-Russia acrimony and Putin’s success in weathering the furious American onslaught on his political career are of the highest importance to China. If the eagle has actually ended up in a trap it thought it had set up for the bear, that becomes a matter of joy for the dragon.”

    • I think That Putin has done much good for Russia, I admire him, although I don’t agree with everything he does. It appears that there is a sizable amount of people in Russia who don’t like him. Maybe it is time for him to pass the torch to someone else. As for Hilary clinton, I would say that her remarks are more tit for tat because of Russia not supporting more sanctions on Iran. Let’s face it though you meddle in our affairs, we meddle in yours. and everyone meddles in every body elses, thats global politics for you. Meanwhile after all the retoric these politicians are cutting deals with each other behind the scenes. Is Golos funded by U.S. taxpayer money? or is it funded by Russian expats in the U.S. and Britain? I don’t know that for a fact either way. But MI6 and CIA agents in the crowd? That’s probably stretching it a bit. I do know one thing no one benefits from a politically or economically weak Russia. Not the U.S. not Europe, No one, except China.

  15. guys come on these demonstrations are so “made-up” or “created” by western powers, it is easy to see the absurdness. Russia is as democratic as USA is, or my country Turkey is. What I can say is Free speech in Turkey or Russia is of question. Free speech in our countries needs to develop but for that, we need a media free of MI6 and CIA agents. Therefore no big deal for the near future. Feel assured, we are doing just fine compared to the rest of the western world. There is great battle against our countries becoming real power houses and we can only defeat that through doing our own homework and not wasting time complaining about the battle itself.

  16. I make it my duty to read all the comments that are: ‘Hidden due to low rating’.I also think [yojimbo] is absolutely correct.

  17. The government is being very cautious with this situation, every wrong step will count negatively on their status and position. They don’t want to loose more support of electorate. So I hope Medvedev and Putin listens to what people say and resolve these accusations of fraud…

  18. From what I read and see here Russia still has a VERY long way to go. There isn’t a true democracy in Russia. We all known journalists that got killed by the secret services and such.
    I understand that most agree with Putin but democracy isn’t about supporting X or Y. It’s about living all together to contribute to a greater good. From what I see it’s like X won Y loses. Democracy isn’t that. The power is shared.
    Sure Putin did great stuff but he also did lot’s of wrong things.
    Some of this comments demonstrate the lack of known how to live in a democratic society. Still a long way to go. Not saying X or Y system is better or worse. All I’m just saying is that we have to respect each others ideas that majority can’t shut up all the minorities. That’s totalitarianism not democracy.
    Still compared to some years ago, Russia is way better.

  19. Well I was there on Saturday, everyone know that for real only 30-40% voted for ER. 100.000 people only in moscow, but there are more who are against the false elections. We dont sympathize with USA or Hillry Clinton, the imperialists should just shut up, nor we symphatize with antisemitic and rascist, cause 100 of them came to demonstration but had been booed. We want true elections and free tv.

  20. You do not have to reside in Russia to understand the futility of this. Make no mistake, politicians are whores no matter what country or what they stand for.

  21. I see that the Pro-Putin bloggers are out in force.. what with the all the downvotes for anything that wants Russia to be free. Good luck to the Russian people in your struggle for equality and fairness.. you’ll need it! Best wishes from Scotland.. and keep the faith, friends!

  22. historian

    your video links did nothing to convince me. try again.

    BTW. Who exactly do you think the Russian people would prefer? You say you want an re-election. Lets just say that they do decide to hold a new vote. What exactly is the alternative?

    Its just like in the civil war. The Whites weren’t defeated because they didn’t have an alternative to the Red beliefs, they did. They failed because they didn’t have an alternative that was BETTER than that of the Reds. Thats basically the same thing going on today.

    If you have a alternate leader that is BETTER than Putin, I’m all ears.

    • The ends do not justify the means. If there are no better choices in candidates then those you prefer will win, right? Why the need to corrupt the election process to get the outcome you desire?

    • I – as a russian – would prefer a government that doesn’t bother me and that can guarantee no wars in next hundred of years. I won’t care if it is corrupt or not. I want peace – there were too many wars in 19th and 20th century (napoleon, ww1, civil war, ww2, chechnya, abkhazia), and if total peace is not possible, it would be nice if there were no more such large-scale conflicts.

      As far as I know, “party of theives” isn’t trying to start another country-wide armed conflict, which is good.

      Another problem is that there were no good candidates at all. There were communist lunatics that want to bring USSR back from the dead (they had 80 years, and failed. I say don’t give them other chance). Or groups with uncertain agendas. Some parties promise to do certain good things (like ending conscription, and forming contract army), but there is really no good party out of there.

      In the end nothing will happen – people let out their emotions in the meeting, and… that’s it . Nothing happened, and nobody cares. As expected, though.

      There is simply no good option at all. No matter what you choose, you “lose”. So the best idea would be to choose lesser evil.

  23. We need to act as clever human beings. Not the parrot of some force. Do not forget the 2000 USA elections OR the journalist killed in the UK who had documents or so against the Iraq war. There is no dispute you can speak up against MORE things in the western world but not ALL things. These barriers are coming down so fast, in Turkey as well, sooner or later we will be living in more free societies. We have lots to learn from west, but feel assured less then what they will and have learnt from the east.

  24. ayaa sorry for you, you are just brainwashed by tv. I dont want a leader, im not a sheep, i want democracy. Its funny that the NASCHISTI are marking here everything red. Does the true hurt your eyes. Its hard to look at 80 videos that are the evidence that the party of liars and crooks stole our votes.

    • Its funny, historian. Because I also happen to think that you are brainwashed into thinking that you’ve got the whole of Russia behind you. Since you so very kindly pointed it out first, the general pattern of comment ratings is a small-scale example of how correct you are.

      And it’s interesting you should bring up sheep. Do you know what happens to sheep without a shepherd? I’ll leave you to speculate on that, because this particular post is a little bit too politically sensitive for my liking. So I’ll just take a little break from this post.

  25. What about people booed Putin at fight of emelianenko? Naschisti are funny people. Time will come and we have to beat you. Im sorry for this children.

  26. Well. It’s been two weeks since the vote. And it’s been a week since the protests. Looks like all of that has fizzled out.

    So much for the Great December Nationalist Revolution. lol.


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