The Man of My Dream

The Man of My Dream

There is a huge number of single ladies in Novgorod and each of them dreams of a perfect man. So, these are their stories:

In the picture: Alisa Marushchak, 20.

‘There are almost no men here. In the class where I studied, there were 25 girls and just 5 boys. Then I entered the university where I met a guy from Zimbabwe. We were going to get married. I even got a ticket to Zimbabwe but a war started there so I didn’t go.’

In the sketch there is Alisa’s ideal man. Age 27-33. It should be a man of character. A perfect scenario would be if we took a Russian man and added some character traits of an American. She thinks that Russian men are spoiled and do not appreciate the beauty of Russian girls. Besides, they demand too much. A wife should look good, take care of children, go to work and do housekeeping. What do women get in return? Nothing.

The Man of My Dream

Svetlana Vinogradova, 20.

‘There are not really many decent men here. Most of them are married already. Those who are still single are mostly uneducated or alcoholics. I do believe in fate and luck but so far all I’ve met were spoilt, lazy and commanding.’

In the sketch there is a tall dark-haired athlete with a masculine face wearing suits. He has bit curly short hair and a neatly cut beard and a moustache. Also, he should under no circumstances be lop-eared and too hairy!

The Man of My Dream

Elena Isakova, 43.

‘Most of single women are decent here, unlike men. I have ten girlfriends and just one of them is married. Besides, she’s unhappy in that marriage. Many of my friends want to get married to a foreigner. Thus, a friend of mine went to Japan to her Japanese boyfriend but they finally broke up and she came back.’

The ideal man for her is a lean man in a suit who smells good. He should be dark skinned and have curly hair. Height: 172 cm – 186 cm. And no double chin!

The Man of My Dream

Irina Nikonova, 34.

‘A good man is an endangered species now. Most Russian men are spoiled and like getting everything for free. No matter what he is, he thinks himself to be a kind of a prince. They say that when God created the man, he realized that he’d made a mistake and created the woman. And I agree with that 100 percent.’

Her ideal man is dark-haired, short-haired, with a Spanish-like moustache and beard, 173-176 cm tall, neither skinny nor fat, with beautiful hands, who likes casual style.

The Man of My Dream

Tatyana Pyankova, 34.

‘There is no fire in the eyes of men anymore. I used to go dating with foreigners which were held in the Intourist Hotel but it was hopeless because the number of women like me wanting to hook a man was much bigger than the number of foreigners coming.’

Her ideal man: someone like Sean Connery in James Bond. Short-haired, with beautiful eyes, a masculine chin and no beard and moustache.

The Man of My Dream

Valentina Machikina, 21.

‘The choice of men is not really wide. I don’t want to take care of my husband, I want to be taken care of! Most men living in Novgorod are spoiled. In St. Petersburg, for example, they are different. Kind, attentive… real gentlemen.’

Her ideal man is tall and long-haired. However, she says that most of long-haired men she met here were dumb beer lovers who studied philosophy and liked heavy metal. She doesn’t want a man with a beer belly! She wants her husband to be an architect or something. By the way, she also doesn’t  like men who work out too much because they usually look like a ‘sausage tied up with a thread’.

The Man of My Dream

Tatyana Malkova, 38.

‘I work in five places but I want somebody to rely on. Every day I do autosuggestion training saying ‘Mood for love’ and I think it helps. Even my breasts seem to have got bigger. ‘

Her ideal man is funny, dark-skinned and dark-haired. He should like playing sports and be active. He should respect women and be hardworking. And finally, he should set goals in life and do everything to achieve them.

The Man of My Dream

Janna Karlina, 20.

‘I don’t like uneducated guys with bad manners. I’m still single but I don’t give up. I keep working on myself and hope to meet a good guy one day.’

Her ideal man should be a 25-45 year-old athlete, 180 cm tall. Short-haired, with green or blue eyes. It would be great if he had his own business and wore suits. He should be smart, educated, strong and kind. He should be older and wise enough to teach her and support in everything.

The Man of My Dream

Polina Zimina, 22.

‘It seems to me that women put too much pressure on their men, thus making them weak and irresponsible. As for me, my dream is to live in a really big city like… New York.’

Her ideal man has silver rings in his ears and a Jonny Depp chin. He’s tall and tatooed. He should like casual style and may smoke.

The Man of My Dream

Vika Efimova, 32.

‘I have a child who makes it even more difficult for me to find the right man. But I don’t give up! I ride my bicycle and swim in the pool. I also go hunting from time to time which I am very proud of.’

Her ideal man is tall, strong and short-haired brunette. He should be clean-shaven too. He should have light eyes, plump lips and a masculine chin and wear casual jeans, a pullover and a cap.

Location: Novgorod


54 thoughts on “The Man of My Dream”

  1. doesn’t look to lonely, and I didn’t realize Oregon was a state in Russia :p

  2. I wonder if they have their own on-line dating service? Some of these ladies are simply beautiful! I especially like Janna and Alisa. WOW. Wish I knew how to get a hold of them. Most ladies in my country sound like the men in theirs.

  3. If any of them went to America – they would realize that men here are just as ‘spoilt and commanding’ as Russian men.

    Lack of men? Give me a break! Unless you are an old Grandmother – the men and female ratio isn’t any different than elsewhere in the world. The problem with Russia are all these lower class and lower-middle class girls who want to be married to a man who makes a minimum of $100,000 a year.

    It’s a real gold digger culture as opposed to Western Europe and America where women (feminism) are expected to make their own fortune.

    Way to go Russia – confirming the old Gold Digger Stereotype…

    Get yourself a blonde Russian babe but be warned: She’ll empty your bank account within years.

    • If you don’t believe in the disparity of the male: female ratio in Russia, you clearly don’t know how to use search engines very well. Go google “man shortage russia,” for example. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s just ignorance.

      And while gold diggers in Russia exist, they also exist in other countries, so it’s not necessary to be so racist against Russian girls.

      • Until 30 y.o. quantity of men per 1 woman is MORE than 1.
        Ferederal service of state statistics of Russia:

        Significant difference starts from 45 y.o. Do not believe everything you are told. The real problem exists for older women, but not for 20-30 from the article.

        • Right. Matt there is saying that there is no difference in sex ratios in Russia. You just proved that there is. Just like I was saying. I didn’t go into specifics about which age groups suffer most. I simply said that there is not a 1:1 ratio. In the US, for example, the overall difference is much smaller (about 400,000) than Russia’s (5 million).

          Furthermore, I criticized him for being racist, which I wonder how any self-respecting person can disagree with.

          p.s. this is where I get my facts.

    • If you play with the pigs you will get dirty.

      So basically it is paying to have sex with someone that has been around more than a flea.

  4. Been there and for the most part what they’re saying is true. Tons of very attractive, single women. Temptation is a naughty mistress since I traveled there with my wife. 🙂

  5. Tatyana Malkova should not waste her time with 99% of men that post on EnglishRussia seeing she wants a man that respects women.

    The first woman looks like she loves herself the “ideal man” looks a lot like herself.If she thinks Russian men a spoiled she will not be pleased much with an american man.Many american men think that Russian are supposed to be their housewife which is not what she wants.

    I feel bad for these women becuase they will have a very hard time finding a good man that they seek.

    • Re: her ideal looks a lot like herself; very astute! Good point too. Case in point: (google for details) about that guy who bought his bride in Latvia, she cleaned him out, then after 7 years, divorced and ran back to Latvia. He’s suing the wedding photographer cause he didn’t like the pics….7 years after…and they are divorced-and he wants the photographer (a small mom and pop place, albeit high end) to ship the bride back, everyone back, and re-stage the entire reception to re-shoot it!!!!
      Underlining fact: stopid is everywhere. Makes me think that maybe music isn’t the only universal language (love lost that long ago). Anyways, I agree with you 100%-these yahoos ruin it for the rest of us. *Le sigh….*

  6. Lol. These women consider Russian men to be shallow and spoilt and commanding.

    Looks like a case of gender wars, because Russian men consider women like these to be materialistic and obsessed with either, your money (of which you wont have much after wards), and/or her own looks.


  7. This reminds me of a “Seinfeld” episode where George is looking through “The Daily Worker” (American Communist Party paper) and finds in the classified section dating ads where a female Comrade wants to find a Comrade and “looks not important.” Ideology over looks. My kind of woman…

  8. Poor little perfect women. How much could they obtain $$$ if they send spam telling they love and will marry any male willing to pay them a plane ticket?

  9. “The perfect man.” Reminds me of one of the Hodja tales where Nasruddin spends a lifetime looking for the perfect woman. Finally he meets HER! The only problem? He doesn’t fit her ideas of the perfect man. Lotsa pain and sadness is often spent looking for perfection when it often was on the same street and you missed because you don’t know what “perfection” is.

  10. marrying these women will be difficult and modern women suck.divorce is a certainity in modern marriages and loss of money is more important to men.No need to get married tothese women.Just have them as GF and change after few years.

  11. Russian women are good lovers but very bad wifes. I know atleast five men who were married to Russian beauties but they all devorced after 2-6 years of period. Most of them will marry to your money not for you so if you do not marry you can get 1 every night in Russia

  12. Good luck ladies. They all want to be “taken care of” and live in places like London, LA, New York.

    Valentina Machikina – wants a man with long hair, a professional occupation, athletic but not too in-shape. Again, wants him to take care of her. She wants to do nothing.

    Janna Karlina – ideal man should be tall, athletic, own his own business, and wear suits. Again, take care of me.

    Nowhere stated is the wish to simply find a man who will be a good partner to share their lives and build a family with.

    It’s no wonder they’re all single.

  13. Russian women are like snakes they do their worst work after they bite you.

    They are not innocent, only an IDIOT would get involved with one of them. It is like Adam eating from the apple in the garden of Eden, then you get your EYES opened to see there is NOTHING but sex to these women for money.

  14. Watch 48 hours and see how wonderful the Russian women really are…

    They fall in love instantly with an American, move to the USA and then the man finds out they are not happy! ‘what a shocker’…

    Then the women claims the man is abusive and has the new husband thrown in jail and then he comes up dead.

    Russians never trust them PERIOD!

  15. Typical Russian women pretending to be so nice and loving.

    They use sex to lay the trap then only fools come back and get something not so nice.

  16. So basically selling their bodies for money.

    What a novel concept it is called prostitution and it leads to ruin and destruction.

    So what happens when they lose their looks, what will they do then?

  17. lol at anyone who thinks these women are sincere. They look like typical Russian gold diggers to me. You marry them, bring them back to America legally, after a while they tire of you, maybe make a false accusation of domestic violence, you go to jail, they get special status to stay in the US as an abuse victim, they divorce you and take all your money and go hook up with the real man of their dreams to live happily every after in America and eventually gain U.S. citizenship. All at your expense. ;}

  18. Who cares, most women aren’t wort the time, if Russian or other places in the world, most women are gold-diggers, and think economical security is the only thing that’s worth, and not the emosional security.

  19. I am good looking Decent Caring Asian Male age 30 (Business man) and very much interested in russian femails to marry.Russian Femails can Contact me any time , She must be 20 – 30 years Old , Smart beautiful , blond , very fair , 5.7+ feet and of good nature and attractive personality. I live in Pakistan.For more detail email : mobile +923009507464

  20. looking for super model, class 100million wealth or greater, must own multiple yaughts.

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  21. I have been very very happily married for many

    I have always found that women are treated extremely
    badly, throughout the world.

    in general women are more caring and lovable.

    Of course there are a great number and type of
    exceptions to this broad statement.

    Where ever I travell, the male /female liason is
    not heppy. usually because men do not treat women
    with fairness, grace, and genuine love.

    To those women who are searching for a partner/husband I say all you can do is the best
    you can, be the best you can be, treat humans
    and animals with kindbess, empathy, and love…

    If you are searching for a husband you MUST decide
    on his strengths and weaknesses over a 2-3 year period. You must construct your own profile of him
    and and take extreme care that his life style
    suits yours.

    Never give up. Try to forget his looks and age.

    Search for wisdom.

    Try to become the very best of friends before you
    make a lifelong commitment.

    If you become lonely, turn to nature. Walk with
    the animals, smell the flowers, and go hug a tree.

    To all of you women, good luck. Your dreams
    usually come true, often in a way you have not
    thought of.

  22. My “perfect” woman, would be around 5 foot tall, bubbly personality, very light skin, a good partner who would be spoiled once in a while, treated with respect, shown what romance is, allowed to be her own person, have a cute, round little face, and would almost certainly be Japanese.

    What I married:
    6 feet tall, leggy, fit, American Norwegian gal, with medium brown hair, light blue eyes, medium skin, and a fantastic partner in life. She is also, the “perfect” woman.

    My point? It’s what’s INSIDE that counts.

    I think these Russian gals, are a little too picky.


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