2 Visiting A Conference On Plasma Physics

Visiting A Conference On Plasma Physics

A person who tends to learn new things will be happy to visit a scientific institution where new information is dealt with at the professional level. The Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine is an acting and closed organization access to which is restricted.

The Institute consists of several sections such as sections of nuclear physics, nuclear energetics, physics of plasma and section of radio-biology and radio-ecology. The sections are also divided into parts that participate in  examination of particular area.

It is not easy to enter the territory of the Institute as its employees know one another well and every new person arises genuine interest.

The only chance to get inside is to visit a conference on plasma physics. The institute is guarded not by a private security company but only by policemen,who check if your name is on the list and ask you to show an invitation to the conference signed by the management of the institute.

Plasma density of a film and accelerators were discussed at the conference.

Photographing at the Institute is strictly prohibited.


‘Sector of plasma physics’.

The main building of the Institute is connected with a building where the charged particle accelerator (Cyclotron U-240) is located.

Only personnel who works with sources of ionizing radiation have access to the area.

The floor of the corridors is covered with steel plates with a lot of cables under them.

Radiometers. The lamp is green meaning that the level of radiation is normal.

The corridor leads to a room where the accelerator is located.

Look what is hidden behind the steel door.


Only specialists know what it is all about.

The appliance has 5 meters on it.

Another special steel door protects from ionizing radiation. The red lamp denotes that staying here is dangerous.

The Institute is based in a park with several laboratory and administrative buildings.

Do you know what functions of the tube are?

That building behind the fence embraces a nuclear reactor. There is no access there.

Cooling towers.


Metal constructions.

The station supplies the Institute with energy.

An electrostatic accelerator is located in the building.

The 6-storey building is an under-built research block.

The building is empty.

On the roof of the  block.


The view of the tube and building with the electrostatic accelerator.

The view of a reactor. Its double fence is well-observed.

The Dnieper River.

The greenhouse is also not completely built.  By the way, on the territory of almost every nuclear institute a greenhouse is located. What do you think can be the purpose of them?


Location: Kiev

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