11 thoughts on “Take Some Pictures To Remember”

  1. lovely……Proud old people.

    Old people here are not given much recognition for their achievements. Most of us do not even take care of our old relatives. We put them in an aged care facility because we do not want to give our own time to help them. Even though we owe them.

  2. Old people and war veterans are quickly disregarded in society.These people must have gone through much adversity to earn those medals and attain their advanced ages.

  3. I do not know if that guy is really Russian to be honest and he lives in Georgia as in Georgia the Untied States.

    I suspect that he is an actor and not really Russian he is basically just advertising guns for sellers in the USA that have Class 3 and Class 4 licenses that how he gets access to all the weapons guys that want people to see them and buy them will see “FPS Russian” show them off and then some rich dipstick will want to buy the guns.

    My brother is a gun seller you see so I know alot about the market from him.Most buyers a rich people that know very little about using weapons they just think it is cool something most people cant afford(automatic and rare weapons are very very expensive any where from $8,000-$100,000 for a true machine gun)

    • I mean to say that I have worked with Russians and Ukrainians and I have visited Ukrainian cities and also my wife was born in the Ukraine and this FPS Russia guy does not seem like a Russian/Ukrainian to me.

    • I think perhaps he is a 1st generation american and his parents are from some Eastern European nation and was born in the US.

      My for example she lived in the Ukraine for 15 years and she has a Ukrainian accent and W’s and V’s are tricky sounding and ever more so with her parents.Her younger sister grew up hearing English and Ukrainian and she has no accent you’d not know her background by speech.

      FPS Russian he just sounds fake to me and I bet if you said “Priyatnogo dnya” to him he would not know what you just said.

      He sounds too “Hollywood Russian person speaking English”.Also he makes use of explosives very often you can order pyrotechnic kits that make targets go up like that in some states.Also he is not the best marksman either he is ok but his stance is poor sometimes and he cant hit the broad side of a barn with the M-240 becuase you must fire machine guns from either the bipod or tripod or vehicle mount if he did that he would have had 10 round groupings easily.

      And what the hell he almost never shoots Russian guns?


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