16 thoughts on “Little Russian Model”

  1. The only ones who enjoy these pix are pedophiles, fantasizing about “possesing” these children. If you can dial into the great beyond, just ask Jon Benet Ramsey.

  2. Cute!
    Probably the same little girl who later will grow up and say the F words on scene and sing rebellion songs… (at least i think i had…)

  3. I wanna see her more of her mom.

    Chances she’s a total beauty, and probably the little girl will be one too once she grows up.

  4. Kristina is not 4. She’s 5 now and will be turning 6 in a few weeks. Also her mom is not a model. She has done one or two photo shoots but she does not work as a model.

  5. Those are some great photos of her. and it’s not exploitation, it’s just like taking up piano at an early age. I’m sure she like posing, and playing like all other little kids.

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