8 thoughts on “Spend Half a Day To Find All Cats”

  1. Nah ya havin a lend of me. I cannot see a cat in most of those pics. Although I didnt follow the instructions properly and take half the day.

    Now where do I find the answer ?

  2. Tried too and really hard, not more than 20 I found…Even if it’s 1Mb picture, that I stored on comp, it’s not enough to find everything on these pics.First pic – these 2 socks in the heating device – 2 cats??? it seems to me…

  3. OK, found another one – CATERPILLAR at the dump – it’s cat also?…I know many languges, so for me not a problem find another cats on these pics…

  4. I only looked at the first picture and gave up on the rest or it would take me half the year………First pic at the balcony door you can see the cats head on the bottom right

  5. 1. look at the door
    2. look between the top of the fence
    3. look at the grey car
    4. look left of the tree
    asf asf
    10. perfect camouflage, spot her in the middle of the pic

  6. 1. on the balcony, bottom right corner
    2. behind the fence
    3. on the hood of the grey car
    4. in the center of the pic, left of the tree
    5. under the monitor, on a shelf
    6. reflection on a mirror on right
    7. left, on top of stairs
    8. bottom center of the pic, peeking
    9. on top of stairs
    10. center of the pic, on ground
    11. no idea
    12. under the car
    13. no idea
    14. center of the pic, right side, next to wall
    15. on a tree, between left and center branch
    16. no idea
    17. no idea
    18. maybe on top of the closet on the left?
    19. left, under a bush
    20. no idea
    21. right, behing the cage
    22. no idea
    23. either in the center of the pic, or under teh chair on right
    24. on the right, see the eyes
    25. in the center, just left on the last white drum
    26. under the bedcovers – reflection on the mirror
    27. center of the pic
    28. no idea
    29. center of the pic – between two branches, face and paw
    30. no idea
    31. black cat on ground in the center
    32. bottom shelf in the closet
    33. center of the pic, behind the chair, on the table
    34. under the blanket on left
    35. in a bucket on right
    36. center of pic, walking on a branch
    37. on a windowsill
    38. center of the pic, on a table
    39. no idea
    40. no idea
    41. no idea
    42. next to TV
    43. on a windowsill
    44. no idea
    45. maybe on top of the wall, slightly on the left?
    46. center of the pic, behing the branch
    47. no idea
    48. maybe on a window, on top of that blue overpass?


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