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      • The priest is there to exercise evil spirits…can’t hurt.

        Russian rockets are cool looking. I remember the film, “Marooned”. In this film, a very cool model of the Vostok capsule was used, I can never find this film on TV, 500 channels and nothing on.

        • Excuse, “exorcise” evil spirits.

          If he wanted to exercise them, I guess he would let them out and run them around a little, lol.

    • The American astronauts who landed on the Moon, they all believed in God.

      It is a well known fact that one of them read verses from the Bible over radio, and they were broadcast over the whole United States, and one American nitwit who had accomplished zilch in her miserable life, actually sued him for daring to say publicly something that violated her miserable schmucky rights to believe only in communism and nothing but communism…

      So similar to their American peers, some of the Russian cosmonauts also dare to believe in God, even if this offends some of the liberal scum. And in Russia, if you believe in God, it is customary to get a priest’s blessing for some things you consider important. That’s why the priest was there.

  1. Always liked the Russian idea of selling rides to wealthy patrons to offset mission costs, something the good ‘ol USA refused to do, instead just keep reaching into the publics wallet to fund everything. It wouldn’t have bothered me to see a McDonalds logo on the side of the shuttle, along with Subway announcing foot longs for $5.

    • Well the Russians never used to do it either, until the financial realities of running a post Soviet space program hit home and wealthy dudes started waving massive wads of cash at them. Given the excellent safety record they had by that time it was worth doing, the risk was acceptable. Just sayin’, as always money talks.

      • BTW They’ve only flown a logo on one (unmanned) rocket that i can recall. Pizza Hut was emblazoned on the unmanned Proton rocket that launched the ISS Zvezda module. They have done a few on orbit ISS promos. Pizza Hut, Kodak, RadioShack (name was on a materials test panel outside the ISS) and they filmed part of a milk ad aboard Mir and maybe somethin else i forgot?

        Anyway not saying the link below is a bad idea, but so far no one has been willing to go that far with manned rockets. 🙂


        Also it seems the Russians have backed off the idea of both advertising promos and flying “space tourists” in recent years. I think they’re much happier with the idea of selling those seats to real genuine NASA astronauts.

        • One other point i would make is that Russia’s backing off from doing advertising promos in space, and fly space tourists, that seems to coincide with a resurgence of national pride. That they can go out in the world and be respected as a strong world power, in politics, commercially, militarily, scientifically etc.

          IMO any nation that can and is pursuing a national manned space program can afford to do it without stooping to hawking fast food and electronic gizmos in space, or carrying tourists to offset costs. It’s undignified. That’s why the U.S doesn’t do it and you sure as heck won’t see the Chinese do it. Those things will come with the private commercialization of the launch industry.

          the Russia space program regained the respect they deserve when they knocked the advertise off, and now being able to sell those extra seats to NASA is huge victory for them as far as national pride goes. That’s worth far more then any cost offsets gained by doing those other things.


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