Where Have The Children Gone?

Abandoned School 9

What would you feel if you came to know that the school you studied at would be totally abandoned once? It would be standing empty and silent and only memories of life that was pulsing once would be left.

Abandoned School 1

The school is located in Murmansk, 2000 km away from Moscow. It was closed in 2005. It was planned to turn the building into a hotel but they had never been put into practice.

Abandoned School 2

It was closed because it fell into decay and due to a limited number of children nearby who go to a new school now. It was difficult to get inside as all the doors and windows were closed.

Abandoned School 3

The library.

Abandoned School 4

The library was very big, all books were in a good condition.

Abandoned School 5

Doesn’t the new school need the books?

Abandoned School 6

Abandoned School 7


Abandoned School 8


Abandoned School 9

Welcome to the first floor. Here kids used to study biology.

Abandoned School 10

Abandoned School 11

Abandoned School 12

Taking into consideration a huge number of measuring vessels, one must notice that much attention here was given to studying chemistry.

Abandoned School 13

Abandoned School 14

Abandoned School 15

Abandoned School 16

Classroom where physics was studied.

Abandoned School 17

Abandoned School 18

Abandoned School 19

The stairs leads to the second floor.

Abandoned School 20

Location: Murmansk

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  1. “Where have the Children Gone?” “Gone to soldiers, everyone!!” (yeah, I know it’s wrong, but it’s my updated verse on the Kingston Trio, okay?)

      • Pete Seegar penned the lyrics and first version:… These lines were taken from the traditional Cossacks folk song “Tovchu, tovchu mak”… The Kingston Trio recorded the song in 1961…Peter, Paul and Mary included the song on their eponymous debut album…Marlene Dietrich performed this song in English, French and German…Joan Baez included the number on her 1965 album…Johnny Rivers had a 1965 top 40 hit in the US with a folk rock version…This was covered by many artists over the years, the latest is…A Croatian folk band Zlatni Dukati, who played this song during the war in their homeland in 1990’s under the title “Iznad polja makova” (“Above the fields of poppy”.

  2. One of my junior schools is now a seniors residence, another is a community center. This building could be used for other purposes…….’When will they ever learn?’


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