The City That Kills People

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We have already told you about one of the dirtiest cities in the world. It’s called Karabash and is located in the Chelyabinsk region.

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The place embraces a copper plant where metal has been smelt for over a century. Nobody thought about ecology that time. In the result, Karabash became one of the dirtiest places on the planet. Installation of new equipment decreased harmful emissions twice.

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That is what the place looks like when viewed from the plane.

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The Argazinskoye water-storage basin is located 10 km away from the city.

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This is a former cinema, its back part is completely destructed.

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Some time ago this used to be a residential area but the place was abandoned because of severe emissions produced by the plant.

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Though this very house in the picture is abandoned, many similar houses are still inhabited by people who live 100 meters away from the plant.

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When emissions are especially abundant, people lose their consciousness, have headache and nausea.

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The river is yellow because it is rich with iron. Its concentration exceeds normal values almost 50o times.

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Life in Karabash is worse than life in Chernobyl as citizens of the latter get compensation from the state.

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Inhabitants of Karabash want their pension age to be decreased as nobody here lives too long. They say they have nowhere to go and have to stay here.

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Look at the earth surface and you will notice traces of chemical erosion.

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Local inhabitants know what it means to have acidic rains. When it’s raining it’s hard to breathe. Men here die at the age of 45 and earlier.

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For over than 100 years of work the plant burnt and destroyed a vast nearby territory. It vents over 180 tones of gas in the atmosphere annually. The gas which is transformed into acidic rains irrigates adjacent territories.

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Main part of the city looks like a village. Local people suffer from tumors, eczema, cerebral paralysis, birth defects, etc.

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In 2004 temperature regimen in one of the furnaces was changed and led to a huge emission into the atmosphere. Before that there was a rain that destroyed every plant around. The forest was all yellow.

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Many people die after two months of working at the plant. All kids are coughing because of bad ecology.

Location: Karabash

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31 thoughts on “The City That Kills People”

  1. Economic prosperity or growth always seams to come at the cost of degrading our environment.

    Its like we sit out on the end of a high tree branch while we are cutting it off at the trunk.

  2. this just doesn’t make any sense. how is this plant still operating? who is employed and where are these people coming from? I can’t understand who would have a wife and kids anywhere near this place.

    • > how is this plant still operating?
      jewish profit
      >who is employed and where are these people coming from?
      gopniks and they are coming from gop forest
      >I can’t understand who would have a wife and kids anywhere near this place.
      a few people with quite a couple of darwin awards…

  3. China has a lot of the same problems.

    I think it may come from too much government. Government can’t do many things well to start with.

    Then they get more concerned about making money, at all costs. And once you get these huge, communist governments, they don’t listen to the “people” any more, it’s all government, for government, by government.

    When you have smaller governments, you’re “closer” to the people, because now that stuff is happening in people’s yards, their own property. They’ll speak up. Whereas before, it’s “governments” property, “hey, what can *I* do?”

    • Smaller government? Bigger government can enforce standards to protect workers. Smaller government leaves them to the wolves (or employers, in this case) who care not about health and welfare, but about turning as big a profit as possible for themselves and their shareholders.

      Typical moronic Yankee comment.

      • @Maxim Ч isn’t the evidence not enough for you to take a break of Soviet theories, or are the working class doing better in Russia and China than Switzerland, Sweden or USA ?

  4. Centralized Soviet top down planning at it’s finest. The people and the environment were expendable, just another resource to be ruthlessly exploited while being force fed crap slogans like “Glory to Work”.

      • What’s going on under capitalism is investment in new technology to clean this mess the damned soviets and Russian mobsters created. It may still be a hell hole bet it’s the best the situation has been yet, dude.

        Capitalists didn’t create this hell hole, communist planners did.

    • Meanwhile in the non-centralized planned U.S.: Picher, Ok., Libby, Mt., Love Canal, N.Y., Hanford, Wa., the Gulf of Mexico dead zone, St. George, Ut….

      • Pointing out U.S. environmental failings doesn’t make this place, and what has happened here, any less deplorable. Soviets and Russians own this one.

        • The difference is that the places above appeared in U.S. under capitalistic government, so what’s the difference?

          Personnaly, I suppose lack of ecological knowledge is responsible for the appearance such things, and lack of moral is responsible for their continuous existance.

          Another point is in jobs. Close the plant and there will be too many jobless people in the area. Would it be the best solution? I think, no. They’ll need something more, for instance, reducing the emissions and restoring of the nearby area. But it all comes to money again…

          • Only difference is this ER post is about this place, in Russia. Had the post been about any of those other places my comments about the situation, and those who allowed it to occur would not have been kind either. No matter if they are in the U.S.! It’s not an East vs. West thing for me.

    • Wow, thought we had it rough here in the U.S. with the DOE spending decades covering up intentional releases of radioactive iodine on the surrounding population at Hanford, to see what would happen. Decades of endless cleanups and billions of dollars spent and we still have sealed vats of radioactive waste that cause mini earthquakes by themselves. Nobody knows what to do with them.

  5. This is sacrilageous!!! And the government cannot shut down this plant because?????? At least they need to invest in it and make it clean!!

    • Because money talks, it’s Russia. they’ve scaled back production, bought in foreign equipment to reduce pollution and moved the people a little further away. That’s was a requirement of the European banks that loaned the money.

      But it’s still a hell hole…

  6. For those of you who own or plan to buy a Prius or other electric or hybrid vehicle, take a look at this, and while your at it, take a good look at the pics from Norilsk as well, for this is the background behind your “Green” vehicle.

    • Exactly! At the other side of the world people are trying to be more ecology, nature friendly, recycling etc. (including show their (just) attitude of buying Prius), but here – total devastation, which sweeps all ecology away immediately for 100 years. It’s very sad to look at all this. How can someone in 21st century let this happen? Nature are dying! Seems all “the best” soviet traditions are alive even today.

  7. I’ve never hear about this city, but it’s the typical black hole of the serious environmental crisis in Rusia, like Norilsk and many more…every time that I see things like that I ask myself: Why the human being has became so stupid? How we can destroy ourselves in that way?

  8. what a disgrace….the people who started this plant, continue to run this plant, govern this plant should be made to work in the plant.

  9. OK it looks bad on the surface and it is very sad that people actually live and work here without proper safety equipment.
    The thing is that this place is likely only contributing a very tiny percent of poison gasses compared to all the volcanic activity.

    • Would that be why as you approach Karabash through the Ural mountains, the mountains are only bare and eroded around the plant? And the health problems grow worse the closer you live to this toxic site?

  10. This is a problem neither of capitalism nor of communism but rather an example of what happens when a single entity wields too much power. Corporations will exploit the environment and the people when they are allowed to do so provided that it is profitable. Communism is merely a system in which the state is the singular corporation in charge of exploiting a nation and it’s people. With no competition it can run amok and do what it wishes for the political whims of it’s leaders.

    Capitalism can also resemble communism when any corporation becomes so big and powerful that it can essentially own the politicians. Capitalism only works well for it’s people when there is an adversarial relationship between government and business. This way, each is kept in check to some extent and not always allowed to go too far. Remember to fear powerful entities and always view them with skepticism. That is the only hope you have to keep things like this from happening to you.


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