27 thoughts on “Look, I Pimped My VAZ!”

  1. Some of them, for example the yellow on the 3rd pic and later the blue one with hungarian licenceplate ar not pimped, you genius, but regular Group-H or -R rallye cars.

  2. 2101 is a great platform. Aerodynamics are closer to brick’s but there’s alot of space to screw around.
    And it’s modifications actually competed in rallye.

    Italian RWD at heart, can’t deny that.

  3. Some are photochops.
    And it’s a stolen Italian RWD ;).
    The car that was Lisanced by Fiat was Fiat 125P.

    LADA was all “Russian” “Idea” 😉

    • Wouldn’t be there a few from the 124 model? They’re quite similar, although I think the 124 was only used for the Riva model ?? :/

    • No, the Lada is based on the Fiat 124 It all started with the 2,101th All other models are further developments thereof, where they confine themselves to small details.

      The Fiat 125 was the next big Fiat-series. The (Polski) Fiat 125p was the Polish licensed product. The small “p” stands for Poland. See also Fiat 126p, the elephant-roller-skate… 😀

    • Why then do you even look at and post a comment on something that you dislike? You are missing the point all together anyway.These cars are from Soviet times back then you could not really do things like this to your car it is an expression that was seen as “capitalist” even though really it is expressing individuality something the Soviets disliked.

  4. I was stationed in the canal zone of Panama in the 1980’s and the was a whole shipping yard, a HUGE shipping yard full of Ladas. There was only a few colors and they looked pretty much the same and hardly ever seemed to go anywhere! But the thing it, I would have loved to have had one… Imagine being the only American/US GI/soldier to drive up on post in a Russian car during that crazy time! They would have taken it apart at the gate!

  5. This is the perfect example on how you can put lipstick on a pig but it will still be a pig! 😉 So much talent wasted on a Lada!

  6. While I admire the creativity and effort that goes into something like this it does not negate the fact that underneath all that shiny, it’s still just a Lada.

    • Mr McQueen, underneath the nice shiny surface of every car……is more boring car. For any real quality in our transportation we need to use a motorbike.

      • I’m actually a quite agreeable fellow that gets along just fine with others and respect their right to live life on their own terms as long as they do the same for me. So no, it doesn’t come naturally at all, it takes a particular kind of person to bring that out in me.

  7. Hirsh I will do my best Not to make “Particular” comments. You do know my comment about the motorbike was an attempt at humor. I know you are an intelligent agreeable person that would mostly get along with everybody (I see that in your comments). I am sure you and I can get along. So if I do write a comment you find offensive, hmm………..just don’t read it : )

    Hirsh “particular kind of person”

      • No they didn’t. And frankly, given your recent self righteous comments toward those who don’t live up to your own lofty ideals about humanity, it’s hard to tell when your being humorous. That = Pain in The Neck. lol

        I really do have to wonder if you would confront someone face to face and say some of the things you do here, like someone shopping for beef at your local supermarket. Do you let them know how disgusting, barbaric, and blah blah blah it is, and they are no better then Muslims slaughtering animals for sacrifice in the streets? I doubt it.

        • They did Hirsh. Twice. Where do you think the smiley faces come from. They have put them at the end of your comments because they think you Must be joking. You are a F—-l Hirsh. You dislike me even though you do not know me, because I express a will to live to higher ideal. I am glad I have known several other Americans. A Texan who was not opinionated like you childishly call them, and my brother in law from San Francisco. So I know you are a special case.
          My comments on the Muslim post were relevant to the post. If we eat meat we have animals killed for us. I get annoyed at people hiding from the truth. The issue is the truth, and hiding from it because you do not like it. Ask someone near to you to tell a truth about yourself, (such as you have no sense of humor). Form what I have seen of you it will start a fight because you will become defensive, but you can live your life how ever you wish. Here is another truth, you are not an agreeable person as you call your self, you are petty. You come across as a person that wants to win at all cost….….So here you are Hirsh, you win.

          • “You dislike me even though you do not know me, because I express a will to live to higher ideal.”

            no, i do not fault you for having high ideals. I came to dislike you because you have repeatedly made disrespectful comments toward those who do not live up to your own high ideals. It’s in the way you say it.

          • “I get annoyed at people hiding from the truth.”, exactly, and when you do you often lash out with a rude comment that could have been better said a dozen different ways. Yet you choose to put it in a condescending way. You don’t give others the same respect you obviously expect from others.

            • Hirsh I do lash out, my mouth goes to overdrive before my brain is in gear. Thank you for your restrained reply, I mean by not responding to my rudeness. So I believe you do think we can along, I would like to. I will act on your honest criticism and try to make my comments less hurtful / rude / condescending………

              Hirsh 3 or 4 of your comments have smiley faces. On my computer the comment under this one to the moderator has a smiley, does it have one on your computer.

              Hirsh I look forward to reading more of your comments ER, and I am sorry for being a pain in the (abbreviation for small horse type of animal only more stubborn)

  8. “And it’s a stolen Italian RWD”

    Bought. Russians bought whole manufacturing line of 124 from Fiat and transferred it to Russia. Along manufacturing rights so either you don’t know anything or you have very odd definition of “stealing”.

    One of the best family cars at that time so a good buy.

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