Preparing For The Olympics-2014

The Olympics In Sochi 9

In 2014 Sochi is going to host the Olympic Games, which Russian people are very happy about, because it will enhance the prestige of the country and in Russia they will have a new world-class touristic city. Some people don’t believe that builders will be able to finish their projects in time but after seeing what they’ve already done, no doubt will be left.

In the picture: Stadium ‘Fisht’ construction. The stadium was named after Mount Fisht which means ‘white head’ (the glacier on top).

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Some statistics:

– About 3 billion viewers are going to watch the Olympics on TV.

– About 25 thousand volunteers are going to work in Sochi during the event.

– 5500 out of 80 countries are going to participate.

– For 17 days the attention of the people is going to be arrested by the Games.

On the whole, they plan to build 206 buildings by 2014 and just 30 of them are sports objects. The 176 which remain are connected to the city infrastructure and tourism, and are going to turn Sochi into a garden-city.

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All ice stadiums are planned to be in a ‘cosmic’ style. This ‘Bolshoi’ Ice Dome is supposed to bring an association with Bolshoi Theater.

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They plan to comission this stadium, as well as all sport objects, in 2012. Will they be able to do it in time?

The Olympics In Sochi 6

In the basement of ‘Bolshoi’ Ice Dome they’ve built a training skating-rink.

The Olympics In Sochi 7

They’ve almost finished the ice arena.

The Olympics In Sochi 8

This is ‘Iceberg’ Ice Dome where a figure skating contest is planned to be held. After that they want to turn it into a showroom.

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The Olympics In Sochi 12

Stadium ‘Fisht’. By the way, after the Olympics, it will host World Cup-2018.

The Olympics In Sochi 13

Some competitions will take place at a ski resort called ‘Rosa Khutor’.

The Olympics In Sochi 14

Its slopes have a hight of more than 2300 meters, so the biggest part of building materials gets delivered by helicopter.

The Olympics In Sochi 15

The cable road will bring you to the top in about thirty minutes.

The Olympics In Sochi 16

One of the two clusters with sports objects.

The Olympics In Sochi 17

The view’s great!

The Olympics In Sochi 18

The Olympics In Sochi 19

The Olympics In Sochi 20

All tracks will be covered with artificial snow to let the sportsmen compete under equal conditions.

The Olympics In Sochi 21

To make artificial snow, they had to build artificial lakes. These are two of them.

The Olympics In Sochi 22

These are machines which ram tracks.

The Olympics In Sochi 23

The Olympics In Sochi 24

Mountain peaks are covered with snow even in late October.

The Olympics In Sochi 25

Red Meadow.

The Olympics In Sochi 26

The Olympics In Sochi 27

A building with clouds in the background. Isn’t it amazing?!

The Olympics In Sochi 28

The Olympics In Sochi 29

The Olympics In Sochi 30

The Olympics In Sochi 31

The track will start here.

The Olympics In Sochi 32

Try to find a helicopter in this picture, then a bucket. And then compare them with the running man…

The Olympics In Sochi 33

The Olympics In Sochi 34

Over 50 thousand builders work in Sochi and almost none of them speaks Russian.

The Olympics In Sochi 35

The Olympics In Sochi 36

The Olympics In Sochi 37

Location: Sochi

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  1. This is winter Olympics. The summer Olympics of 1980 in Moscow were boycotted by a bunch of countries that decided to play childish instead of play the games. I hope these games go well and nobody uses it as a venue to make a silly point.

  2. I saw the original post from Sergey’s Dolya blog. He didn’t mention those workers didn’t speak Russian. This repost is speculating with the facts and is lying.

  3. The countryside is absolutely beautiful and the facilities are spectacular. Wish I could attend the Olympics there. I can’t, so I will be watching on TV.

  4. Great, I was going to be among the security for this event. But considering that not even the workers speak Russian, I’m having second thoughts.

  5. I am not sure whether this bring any good to local peoples, except, too many peoples for few days which will make this beautiful country side dirty, lots of city gangs operating and supplying too many prostitutes, drugs and what not to get profit.
    Too much human trafficking…lots of underage girls from poor neighboring countries like Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania.
    Overall this wont be any good for local of Sochi but for biggies in Moscow.

    • Bore, bore, bore and stereotypes. Could anyone just at least assume Russia gets better instead of the accusations and pouring the dirt on Russia all the time? Nah, many people here should admit they would be happy to see Russia dead, they simply mask the hatred toward Russian people with political agenda, freedom and democracy cliche, but really wanting all Russia and russian culture to disappear from the maps and history.

  6. When we hosted the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, it was a burden on the taxpayers and the venue lost money. The same could happen in Sochi. Russia hosting the World Cup Football this decade is a much better event to host. Every country that has hosted it has benefited from its economic spin-offs.

  7. sochi the land of Circassian genocide ,, games over our grandfathers graves ! support our movement.. search for NO SOCHI 2014 and help us .


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