A Water Park That Has Never Been Launched

Water Park 24

Let’s visit a water park in Moscow that will hardly see any visitors in the nearest future.

Water Park 1

Construction of the water park started in 1997 and stopped 3 years later. The building occupies an area of 43,500 square meters. It was planned that the park would embrace 5 swimming pools, waterslides, restaurant, and a parking lot with 107 car-places.

Water Park 2

Water Park 3

Walking there is very dangerous due to deep holes in the floor. Some holes are covered with rotten wooden bars that can hardly stand the pressure.

Water Park 4

Water Park 5

The park has a lot of stairs that connect different levels. The stairs on each side are not connected with the building itself leading to formation of vast downfalls.

Water Park 6

The building which is very high lacks any banisters.

Water Park 7

Water Park 8

Water Park 9

Internal walls are made of bricks.

Water Park 10

Water Park 11

The place has a speical acoustics. Thus, cars that come nearby produce specific sounds which remind of dog barking. Big building are always full of strange noise.

Water Park 12

Water Park 13

Water Park 14

Water Park 15

Water Park 16

Water Park 17

Water Park 18

Water Park 19

Water Park 20

One of the swimming pools.

Water Park 21

Water Park 22

One can climb the stairs to reach the top of the waterslides.

Water Park 23

Water Park 24

The wall had to be covered with glass.

Water Park 25

A balcony.

Water Park 26

Water Park 27

Water Park 28

Water Park 29

Some places are totally dark and one need a lantern to go inside.

Location: Moscow

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  1. I glad to see old soviet tradition of abandonism is alive and in progress in Russia.Abandonism is the greatest achievement of mankind ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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