Tank Brigade Training

Tank Brigade Training 9

On Novermber, 2nd in Naro-Fominsk, a demonstration of training of the reconnaissance company of the 4th tank brigade took place. The event was timed to the Military Reconnaissance Day, which they celebrate in Russia on November, 5th.

Reconnaissance parties are very important for the army because they provide it with information. That is why soldiers should be ready for anything, such as shooting, fighting, firing mines, throwing knives, making an ambush, etc.

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Location: Naro-Fominsk

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  1. Interesting. So they are beginning to use Ak-10x’s for demonstration. Technically, that should mean that they are being issued in numbers to all red-tabs. Finally.

    • I doubt that’s 10X AK, proboubly it’s 74M. This year the trials of AK 200 should end, lets hope it will be introduced to the army soon.

    • Are you talking about the AK-74Ms or maybe 100 series AKs? at least that is what they look like to me AK-74Ms(improved) some having the training blank adapter on the muzzle.

      OK I know what you mean now in the west what you call the AK-10x is called the AK-74M.

      The nomenclature might be different I have a Bulgarian AK-74(semi auto) and a Chinese type 56(AKM) which I purchased the 103 muzzle brake for. In th west we call the most recent AKs the 100 series and the last pre 100 series AK-74s are

      OK after some research I know what you mean now in the west what you call the AK-10x is called the AK-74M.

      I like the AK-103 you can by Izmash made AK type weapons in the US now but they are trendy and over priced when you can buy the same weapon in Chinese or Bulgarian from the US and Romanian AKs are crap if you ask me.

      I took a Chinese AKM(semi auto) and had my brother machine on the 103 muzzle brake wich is more or less the same as the AK-74s brake.It makes a good difference in climb.I can pull off a double tap faster with the brake than with the muzzle which was flush.People who do not know weapons will claim that the AKs have poor accuracy which tells me that they know nothing.The AK is more than accurate enough to get the job done and after all 90% of shooting is the shooter skill not the weapon.

      On a side note I see that all the MGs shown is this article are the PKM I have seen some Russians with the newer PK series the PKP Pecheneg.

        • I have a Romanian AK74 Yojimbo, and I like the heck out of it! It aint pretty but it always goes bang! Have you tried the Hornady 5.45×39 round with the v-max bullet?

          • How often do you shoot? I ask this because anyone who has fired an AK alot will have had at least a few misfired rounds here and there so even if the AK has rock solid workings a bullet does not and you are going to have misfires even with an AK.Same if you ride the bolt.

            I use 75 grain Hornady AMax or Berger 60 grain Match.I like a heavier grain round myself.I use 75 and 77 grain rounds in my Colt AR-15 as well.

            • I’ve had the gun for about 12 years and used to shoot it a lot, actually it was my “truck” gun and I carried it in my pick up around the farm, when I was checking fences and livestock. I don’t think I have had more than a couple misfires with it. I quit farming a few years back, so I don’t carry it or shoot it as much, but I get it out now and then and put a few rounds through it. Most of my shooting is varmint hunting and deer hunting, so I use other guns.

      • Ahh. I see the problem. In the original post, there were several AK-107’s. Unfornutately, those pictures were not included in this article.

  2. ayaa I presume the Ak-10x is their main weapon and they also have others, like the guy throwing the star shaped knife. Would that be a real weapon. I am thinking it is, 4 times as much chance of sticking in, but probably not deadly ?

    • Not normally deadly, unless you hit somebody in the head just right, or cut a major artery. (luck)

      In most cases, most guys on the battle field will just brush it off and shoot the guy standing there throwing them.

      Battle dress is normally pretty heavy clothing. That star won’t do much to penetrate. It’s energy will be absorbed by lose clothing, so what little it does penetrate, won’t have much damage capability.

      So in reality, that guy may as well be standing there throwing rocks, or sticks and yelling dirty names.

      And unless the other guy is out of ammo also, he just made himself a HUGE target by standing up and pointing out his position. Whoops!

      (makes a nice photo for those not thinking about it though)

        • Your enemies will like this idea as well, only they won’t respect the rules of engagement and will bring knives, bows, and guns to the fight because they can.

          Sorry, but i’m a pragmatist that lives in the real world…

      • At a range of between 25-50metres, it will penetrate. Upto two inches deep. If you are wearing SVM or Kevlar, then you are safe, but your body is not fully covered, so it is very deadly in the right hands.

  3. I read somewhere that the Izhmash production lines are gearing up for mass production of the AK-200 (balanced gas system) as replacement for the AK-74

  4. If it helps, we were issued with Ak-103’s, 104’s, 105’s and 107’s. But when we were sent out for demonstrative exercises, we always used Ak-74’s and PKM, instead of the PKP’s.

  5. geoff

    I read your comments about “russian politicians go hunting or something”, and I wanted to ask you something.

    I first fired a gun when I was seven. When I was nine, I killed something for the first time, a small rabbit out in the woods. By the time I was twelve, I could bring down a small deer with a single shot. I didn’t do it just for fun. We just cooked the meat to eat, or just took it home with us, a nice compliment for dinner.

    What do you say to all that?

    • ayaa. First, I do not judge you poorly for your hunting. You are not a savage killer. But I simply do not have it in me to kill, it would kill a part of me to do that. I am vegetarian so that I am not complicit in the suffering and death of cows, sheep etc. I know we do not need to eat meat, the fact that I am alive is proof enough of that. ayaa for me to kill would cause a lifetime of bad karma, sort of like equal to sending my self to hell. It would destroy my contentment; satisfaction with the way I run my life; clear quiet conscience and my plan to die happy.

      But I mix up my hopes for my life with the lives of other people such as you, and I lecture / preach / bible bash or what ever you want to call it. I know myself I am not supposed to do that. Ethical advice should only be given when asked for, but I am becoming more out spoken as I get older. I go against my own rules. I become passionate over some issue when I truth I should be compassionate for people that are making themselves suffer.

      Ayaa I have no short answer other than to say I am very sorry for trying to tell you what I think is right when I could be completely wrong. Thank you for your patients.

        • Let me buy the coffee guys! geoff I find your points of view interesting, and though I could not live a vegetarian lifestyle, I understand your feelings. ayaa, I’m curious about the hunting and shooting culture where you live. Are there a lot of gun owners and hunters there? I live in the state of Michigan and everyone has at least one or more guns and just about every one that I know, hunts deer with a bow or gun. We have a law here in the U.S. that diverts tax money from hunting equipment and license fees to funding for wildlife habitat and conservation.

          • I’m from Borisoglebsk. A small town near Voronezh. Only ~65,000 people. All around is vast farmland, and most farmers and farmhands keep rifles or shotguns nearby, because there are plenty of wolves in the woods, and they venture out at night.

            As for me, all the men in my family have been military men and I followed in their footsteps. I first fired my fathers Makarov. Some parents sent their kids to pioneer camps, but mine didn’t want me to grow up a communist, so my father taught me everything himself. After he left the army in April 1991 right up until the economic crisis really hit us, we would go out to the woods to hunt every weekend. Mostly it was for deer and rabbits, but we occasionally came across wolves and even bears. I always hunted with my grandfathers 1944 issue Mosin-nagant. Since he was a war veteran and had a Great Patriotic War medal, there was no problem with getting gun licenses for him, and he had no problem with giving the guns to me (he didn’t want me growing up a communist either).


            • I thought all kids had to be pioneers? your family must have taken quite a risk in not wanting you to be a communist. Your 1944 Mosin-Nagant would be a pretty nice deer rifle! I use a .50 caliber muzzle loader during our deer season, which starts November 15.

              • Not really. I was born in 79, so by then Glasnost and all that had begun to bite. Out here there are no hunting seasons, its open all year around (but good luck hunting in winter).

            • ayaa, as i’m sure you know your father and grandfather were wise men to have raised you as they did. Happy hunting! I have nothing but respect for someone who hunts for their own needs when they can.

              Does Russia have any groups that advocate for and try expand the rights of law abiding citizens to own firearms?

              From what i gather the law accepts people have a right to own hunting weapons and their use, but is rather restrictive otherwise… no handguns, restrictions on transporting guns, there use for self defense outside of your own home is a big no no, etc.

              • I really don’t know. I already have a MP-443, which I have every right to use (or even to abuse). I also have a modified Saiga-12, which is under a civilian license. I also have plenty of Mosins and Ak-47’s. My father runs a garage/workshop and they have some AKM’s handy to fend of unwanted “visitors”. I’m pretty well stocked. 🙂


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