Food Made By Soldiers

Cookery School 32

Last time we visited a Cookery School in the Moscow region. Have a look through some other photos related to the same topic.

Cookery School 2

The guys comprehend the art of cooking on every floor, including the ground one.

Cookery School 3

The first floor: the food is ready and gets evaluated.

Cookery School 4

This kitchen is located on the second floor.

Cookery School 5

Cookery School 6

The group that has just made the food is setting the table. Now they are going appreciate the obtained results.

Cookery School 7

Cookery School 8

Cookery School 9

Cookery School 10

Cookery School 11

Cookery School 12

Cookery School 13

Tasting the meal.

Cookery School 14

Cookery School 15

Every participant of the group is engaged in cooking.

Cookery School 16

Cookery School 17

Let’s examine other parts of the building.

Cookery School 18

On the roof of the building.

Cookery School 19

Cookery School 20

Soldiers are putting up a tent.

Cookery School 21

Others continue cooking as everybody is hungry.

Cookery School 22

Cookery School 23

Let’s go back inside the building.

Cookery School 24

The filed kitchen.

Cookery School 25

No meal is good without music.

Cookery School 26

Now the meal is served and a specialist will evaluate its quality and gives marks to the cooks.

Cookery School 27

Cookery School 28

Would you like to taste it?

Cookery School 29

Physical training is an essential part of soldiers’ life.

Cookery School 30

Cookery School 31

Cookery School 32

Cookery School 33

Cookery School 34

Cookery School 35

Cookery School 36

Cookery School 37

Cookery School 38

Soup is poured into one container.

Cookery School 39

Porridge is put into the other one.

Cookery School 40

Cookery School 41

Cookery School 42

The doctor checks whether the utensils are clean enough for eating.

Cookery School 43

Cookery School 44

Cookery School 45

Cookery School 46

Cookery School 47

Cookery School 48

Cookery School 49

Cookery School 50

Cookery School 51

They usually eat standing in case the food is served in the street. Soldiers clean their containers after the food is eaten.

Cookery School 52

Cookery School 53

Cookery School 54

Location: Naro-Fominsk

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17 thoughts on “Food Made By Soldiers”

  1. I want one of those mobile kitchen trailers! Maybe some of you can tell me what the porridge is? looks like buckwheat or barley, Does it have any beef in it or some other kind of meat? Looks good, whatever it is.

  2. I wonder if the mess hall food is always that good(the permanent facility pictures at the top section)? This is the tech school for the cooks and they are showing it to the public so it may not be as good all the time through out the Russian army.

    The photographer must have been a women and considered the the guy in the 12th picture handsome because he shows up in this and the 2 or 3 previous articles about this school several times or maybe he was more active than the others.

    In my experience in the US military when a visitor was coming to the base the mess serves the best food other times it might be sub par and the location of the base has a factor in food quality.

      • I guess some things are about the same in military forces all over the world.What I dislike is how the US military has these damn fast food joints even in warzones F that I personally think that is harmful to military discipline.Funny thing is Gen.McChrystal wanted to get rid of the Starbucks and Burger Kings a sign of a good commander to be honest thing was he spoke the truth about Afghanistan how it was not really working and how some Taliban could be worked with but that got him sacked.

        By the way has eglishrussian been acting funny for others?For me it does not always post my comments and in google chrome the page does not update yet in Firefox it is current in Chrome it is stuck on October 30th.

          • Yeah today I am using Firefox and no updates are showing up maybe they are doing some server work or something that can make a site act funky.It is a .com site so that means that the servers are in North America somewhere.

        • Firefox here. It first loaded as a page from last week, the last time I had looked at the site. Hit reload and the new pages came up.

        • I use Firefox and it’s doing that to me too — this is why I only now saw this topic. I thought they had quit updating for a few days! Every time I visit I see the same angry-looking man standing with a rifle at some expo.

          I’m guessing someone made a change to the code. The “FORUM” link from the home page is missing, too.

    • Chrome doesn’t play nice with English Russia. A bunch of ctrl-f5’s MIGHT get you the current page instead of Chrome’s cache though, or not. I blame Google. They’ve had long running issues with caching and not even being able to force a refresh.


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