21 thoughts on “BMW Pimped Into A Soviet Cabriolet!”

  1. Very awesome. I foresee great potential in these old soviet design lines.

    Personally I hope for my first car to be a black box lada that I can pimp with some chrome and leather interiors.

  2. I agree, the end product looks much classier than the original. Hats off to the shop that did this, as they did an absolutely artful job at it.

  3. BTW while there’s a few new pics here, and vice versa, this car was already featured on English Russia back in 2006. Looks like date code has been cropped out of the current pics.


  4. Never tought a volga looked so so exclusive, I mean it!

    He took a good looking but emotionless (boring) german car and transformed it something very beautiful with true emotions!!
    great work

  5. The coolest idea I ever seen on this site! This kind of post erase all other post with crappy pimped cars…
    I wish I have this kind of Volga!


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