26 thoughts on “Ghost Town Of The Moscow Region”

  1. Wow, this place is amazing! But it’s also a little scary to think that whoever lived there, just packed up and left… Why?

    But either way, I’d love to go exploring there!

  2. Hard to tell if this is real photograps or cheap 3d renderings because of this HDR-photo!

    I’d love to see some real photos of the place, seems interesting.

    • They’re real photographs where they went to maybe… they just desaturated all the colors but cyan. Not awful but I’d like to see the “real” photos, too. I don’t mind things like that when it’s done sparingly for effect; to do to an entire set is just gimmicky.

      Somewhere earlier on this website, there were photos of something that may be this; they were shot while whatever film was being filmed.

  3. This is obviously an abandoned movies set… it is well preserved which means the movie was shot not so long ago, and the architecture looks western european which also points that this is a movie set…
    Btw the author of the photos says that this is a set for a movie “Zapiski ekspeditora Taynoy kantselyarii”

    • You’re quite right, in english it would be titled “The Secret Agents Memoirs” (2010).

      “It is late 1720s, Russia. Tsar Peter the Great dies and his highly appreciated associate and friend Prince Menshikov rules the country. Those who oppose to the Prince scheme against him. Courier Ivan – the army officer – fails one of the risky tasks given to him to him by court intriguers and honestly confesses this. He is to be punished, but Head of Secret Service likes the officer’s qualities and make him a secret service courier. From now on he starts a chain of mysterious investigation that involves masons, pirates and grand dukes of the court.”

      Here’s an aerial view of the set from the movie. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2646522368/tt1569334

  4. No way, knowing how russians steal everything from abandoned houses (and I do mean EVERYTHING from toilets to window frames) I just cannot believe this.

  5. There is something fishy here: 1) the photos do not look like real photos 2) you can’t abandon a town like this without someone knowing something, especially if this is close to Moscow!!

  6. Whatever the place is, movie set or real, it is fantastic! Love the pics, thanks for sharing! Almost makes me wish to purchase the town just to have my own little peace of creep paradise.

  7. Would make an excellent on location set for a British remake of ‘The Prisoner’ set in the
    Soviet Union during the Cold War.
    Where british agents caught by the KGB would
    be interrogated by being drugged and fooled
    into thinking they were ‘back home’ and being
    debriefed by MI5 and MI6 ‘in the village’.


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