Fails of Moscow

Moscow Fail 2

If there was an award for anti-achievements in town planning, Moscow officials would be in the front line. Look at that metal fence, for example. Does anyone think it is nice? Unlikely. What is it doing here then? Protecting the lawn from passers-by? Aren’t they what lawns are made for? Or maybe, the prefecture’s just trying to make it look like it is working really hard?

Moscow Fail Part Two 2

Each piece of land needs fencing!

Moscow Fail Part Two 3

…even if no one walks there.

Moscow Fail Part Two 4

And each year they can ‘spend’ a lot of money on reconstruction…

Moscow Fail Part Two 5

…which will never end. So, they will have to put supports.

Moscow Fail Part Two 7

People live behind bars!

Moscow Fail Part Two 8

Children grow up surrounded by fences.

Moscow Fail Part Two 9

With these poles they try to solve the parking problem… Creative!

Moscow Fail Part Two 10

In every yard there is a bunch of ugly metal constructions.

Moscow Fail Part Two 11

And each of them has its unique shape.

Moscow Fail Part Two 12

In Russia there is a great tradition to paint curbstones in different colors, so that people breathe its toxic fumes and soil their shoes and wheels of thier cars with it.

Moscow Fail Part Two 13

Its aesthetic effect is questionable, because properly and neatly laid curbstones look good as they are.

Moscow Fail Part Two 14

City officials have no idea how to make yards look good without painting and metal counstructions.

Moscow Fail 3

And what is the purpose of this ugly construction? Do not let kids play on it? Nice.

Moscow Fail 9

This swing looks Ok, until you start swinging on it. The designer has made a mistake which does not let the swing swing. It’s just not designed for swinging.

Moscow Fail 4

Here is a picture for you to remember how a good yard should look like, in case you forgot. Residents of Moscow, this applies to you first!

Moscow Fail 5

Here is a nice bridge. Everybody’d thought so before they found out that the builders had not taken into account snow which in winter might couse the construction to collapse! After that they spent a crazy ammount of money to make a heating there but in vain. Then it turned out the the restaurant located at a hight of 105 meters, has no sewer system. And now they want to make a registry office out of it. These people do deserve the award!

Moscow Fail 6

A new pedestrian crossing. Thank you very much, builders!

Moscow Fail 7

Nice parking lot, isn’t it?!

Moscow Fail 8

Other photos of parking lots.

Moscow Fail Part Two 16

Moscow Fail Part Two 18

Moscow Fail Part Two 19

Moscow Fail Part Two 20

Moscow Fail Part Two 22

Moscow Fail Part Two 23

Moscow Fail Part Two 24

Location: Moscow

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22 thoughts on “Fails of Moscow”

  1. The swing is not a designer fail. The design is ok, but the construction is wrongly assembled – the cross beam has been turned 90 degrees clockwise around its axis(observed from the photographers position). So it is assembly fail… but anyway it is a fail.

    • Most tree species require clear runoff equal to at least the extreme spread of their branches. Some can do with less, or none at all, but they wont live as long or grow as tall.

  2. With the way people park on sidewalks and lawns some of that fencing is required.

    Do they use salt on the roads in Moscow to clear snow?

  3. This is what happens when you elect socialists : fences, fences, fences and nonsense everywhere. And the people lives behind bars.
    Remember that, americans.

  4. I think most of the barriers have a practical reason behind them. When the Soviets planned for the future the never envisioned everyone would eventually own cars, so they never included parking capacity in their urban planning. Now Russians are left to park on top of whatever they can! I just read on a Russian auto industry website that there are now 1 car for every 4 Russians (including children). That’s an all time high point for auto ownership in Russia, and the auto market is still growing robustly.

  5. I`m from Moscow and I can say, that this fences are really required. There is a huge lack of parking places in Moscow, so many of the drivers cannot find place to park theeir cars and park them on the lawns. The penalty for this is 5000 rur (~160 $) but our police don`t pay attantion to this. The fenses is the most efficient way to stop it.

  6. I understand the parking problem but I suggest tanks traps instead as they would 1) look nicer and 2) allow the children to play at the lawns.

  7. actually i always thought the russian idea of having painted borders on the road are really great and pretty and lift up the mood and make things more organized and optimistic!


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