23 thoughts on “AUTO-USSR: the Museum Of Old Soviet Cars”

  1. Out door car museum = rust park. That collection of cars will not last long outdoors.

    It looks like some of the farms around here where I live.

  2. Seen picks like these in the USA just on on the back of massive lawns with trees growing through them such a waste …..so many could easily be restored

  3. What a shame for that Chaika to be rusting in a field. I think they only made about 3100 of them? It’s a rare car and restored they sell for big bucks. Relatively few were built and the number of them in North America is but a handful. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the rest of them are gems in the rough too. What a waste.

  4. That’s not a museum. The machines will simply rust and turn into dust with time. It is not a museum when you don’t even TRY to preserve exhibits.

  5. Ahhh. The good ol’ days. When Russians modeled their cars to look like american ones… because american cars were actually desirable.

    • I’ll take a ’50s style Chaika over the ’56 Packard that obviously inspired it’s designer ANY DAY. No comparison. The Chaika is absolutely gorgeous, the ’56 Packard, well there’s a good reason that’s one of the last Packards to every be designed… Boring, stale, ugly.

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