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  1. “ambiguous autos”…..Plus pretty woman = Sale!

    How much choice in vehicles was there, I can see Lada and Volga. Were there any others, or motorcycles ?

  2. I wonder if these were for the Soviet or world market. The one with the horses behind Lada reminded me a DDR TV ad for Trabant. The punchline was something like “the power of all these 27 horses under the hood of the car” ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I wish I could have been a designer of Russian vehicles back then, but sadly, it was the middle of the Cold War, and I was a teenager in high school in Canada driving a Trans Am. Hmmm, the memories of it all!
    Some neat little vehicles and as mentioned, the girls/ladies are not bad either. Thanks for sharing. I find this site so interesting!

  4. The Lada SUV looks nice, like a Toyota landcruiser. Does anyone know the current state of the auto industry in Russia?

    • ‘Soviet Range Rover’ Niva was sold in many countries, including South America. Beside of Europe, the car was popular in Canada, Brasil, Cuba and even was made in Uruguay and Greece. Despite of its look and heritage (Fiat based mechanicals) One of best off-road vehicles; Nivas have been driven on land, up mountains, through mud, and underwater.

    • No. Already it is a lot of Field versions is: 2121 (very first), 21213, 2130, 2131 etc. You not Russian, whence to you to know, what versions of the Field already make?

  5. So in Soviet times did you just have to save up your money and buy a car with cash if you were ever going to be able to own one? Or? How were they sold?

    • You had to wait on a long waiting list, unless you knew people or were high in the bureaucratic and military ranks. Supply was always an unfortunate problem in the Soviet Union.

      • Yes, that i am aware of that. Moreso i was wondering how a good Soviet worker who was fortunately enough to get on the list, and finally got the call to come pickup their car, how did they pay for it? Were private Soviet car purchases a cash deal? Paid when the car was ordered? Or at time of pickup, or was there any kind of payments over time available? My very limited understanding of Soviet “consumer” banking was to cash out State paychecks, sell State bonds, and as a place to save money in a savings account. Their place in the economy was very limited compared to their function in the west.

        • Soviet cars were paid for in full with cash. They had no system of debt set up to buy a car in the way we do now. Cars could cost about the average year’s wage for a worker, so they knew to save for a car if they truly wanted one. I’m assuming it was cash on delivery, but I could be wrong.

  6. The Niva is sort of what the Jeep becomes when u heavily modify it. Its a real good all terrain car. I think its still in production too. My dad wanted a project Niva but closest one he could find one is in Canada 3k miles away.

  7. Re: state of the auto industry. It seems many foriegn manufacturers have set up plants there for domestic production. but i’ve no idea how the Russian auto manufacturers are doing? If pictures from Russian roads are any indication they vastly prefer foreign brands over Russian brands. They are everywhere.

  8. The Lada 4×4 is actually know here in South Africa. I have even seen one around my home town of Kathu. In the Kalahari. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ladas and Nivas used to be very common here in Canada, but only because they were much cheaper (about 30% less) than an American or Japanese car.

    They did not have a very good reputation for quality and reliability, but the good part was they were easy to fix and parts were cheap.

    I actually always really wanted a Lada Niva! I thought they looked so cool.

  10. My father got a Volga GAZ 24-02 when i was young
    Great car , i have good memory on using the back seat on saterday evenings ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. so you basicly had the choice between the Mitical Fiat 124 Clone = lada or the
    Ford cortina clone = Volga
    Hmm tough choice… ๐Ÿ˜€
    I would go for the Lada Niva 3rd choice if i lived in some unhabitated area

  12. “Fiat 124 Clone = lada”

    Technically it is a Fiat 124: It’s was manufactured by same production line Fiat used. Just a bit later and in different location.

    Very common error, that one.

    “Cortina=Volga” is total mind blow: There’s not a single feature which looks the same. Also Cortina is way too late model, production started 1962 and Volga had 3rd series at that time.

    Where did you get that one?

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