Military School In Khabarovsk

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This military school is situated in Khabarovsk. Let’s go inside and see what’s going on there!

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Right at the entrance we run into the officer of the day.

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A digital calendar.

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Military training.

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Is it clear why they keep weapons but do you have any idea what that guy in red is doing here?

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Elementary school.

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First graders.

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Older cadets.

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Pupils have made this stand by themselves and are very proud of it. On the stand: ‘History Line’, ‘Periodization of History’ and ‘The Pride of the Fatherland’.

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In the dining room.

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Kitchen appliances are new and up-to-date.

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Wash basins.

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A gym.

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There is a sports field in the street.

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This is the pride of the school: an armoured personnel carrier.

Location: Khabarovsk

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16 thoughts on “Military School In Khabarovsk”

  1. The lady cadets are wearing big white ribbons in their hair, along with military uniform…….And yes it does look like a nice school.

  2. They carry unloaded weapons so as to get used to the idea they are soldiers first. I think the 1st graders should carry rubber daggers to start, then move up to more serious weapons as they age.

  3. Why is it that when we are shown a “military” facility, we are always shown photos of the wash basins?? Are wash basins considered a technical achievement in Russia?

  4. I take it that this is a school with military style discipline and if one completes the schooling they are prepared for entry into the military at a certain rank.It seems not to be a military run academy as that type school takes boys in at 15~16 years of age and trains them to be officers right? So is this school in that style or not? In other words it this a school that trains future junior officers or just a military style school I am thinking it is the latter.

    • “КШ” on shoulder boards means “Cadet school”. It’s like usual school for children from 6 to 17 years, but in military style. Children of officers are often studying here. This school is navy-style

  5. The ribbons in the hair is just a traditional Russian Slavic thing you will find girls in regular schools wearing the ribbons as well.

    Back in the late 70’s my wife wore the ribbons in her hair in school she went to a regular Soviet grade school.I like the idea of uniforms I suppose because I was in the military but they make everyone equal less distractions from school work no one gets jealous because so and so has better clothes.

  6. The dummy in the orange suit is most likely for First Aid training. The reason why it’s in the room with All of the AK’s is probably due to the fact that that particular room also doubles as a First Aid training classroom.


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