19 thoughts on “Retro Tour to Turkmenistan”

  1. Does that crazy guy still rule here? The one that changed the names of the days to his relatives names? Changed a whole lot of stuff like that, just nuts.

  2. The color is not original they did not have color film back then.There was a process used at the time where they added in colorization but it is not the same as a true color photo.And in these photos it looks like the post colorization was done some time after the photos where taken maybe in the late 30’s to early 50’s.

    • Not going to try to vouch for the authenticity of these photos, i don’t know their history, but there were certainly methods of taking color photographs by 1907 (as opposed to someone colorizing a B&W photo).

    • BTW you are right that they didn’t have color “film” back then. But Autochrome plates were available by 1907, as well as other methods of photographically / chemically capturing the color information in a scene (i think that is what you meant). Anyway i would love to know more about these particular photos and how they were made.

      • If these are from Prokudin-Gorsky, they are three-color separations – three glass plates, each exposed through a filter, one blue, one green, one red, then projected all together to recreate the full color image. See the US Library of Congress website loc.gov for a bunch more, and a good explanation of the process.

  3. yojimbo, the explanation of the wikipedia about Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky is very bright, It looks true color, three diferent filters mixing then.

  4. These people in the photos are Uzbeks living in the north of Turkmenistan. Turkmen traditional dresses are different… remove the last crazy pic

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