9 thoughts on “Celebrating Victory Day In Ukraine”

  1. Interesting I see that the guy with the Pah pah sha it fires blanks you can see a shell casing.They sell semiautomatic remakes of the PPSH-41 here in the states they still use 7.62×25 I bet this is what he has because the real thing only fired fully auto and had a very high rate of fire and you would see four or five casings in that case.

    By the way the girl in the left in the 19th picture looks just like my sister in law which is interesting because my wife and her parents where born in the Ukraine SSR but my sister in law was born in the US.They say every person has a twin that is unrelated to them in any way but looks just the same.

  2. The “papirhoss” cigarettes.

    Are they authentic?

    It is wonderful to see history maintained in this way…

    I wonder how they would fare against the U.S. Confederacy cos players (all things being equal, of course).

    Hmmm… Lee with a battalion of T-34?


    • Why in the world would American Civil War re enactors and WWII re enactors “oppose” each other in the first place that makes absolutely no sense and this hobby and the hobby of Cos Play are not one in the same in fact I think that either would find it rather insulting to be compared to the other.

      Discussion fail.

  3. Some 80 years had passed from the American Civll war to World War II. The only flying machines we had were balloons. And Gattling Guns, The Russians bought some of those, and I would bet they still have them someplace. Civil War Reenactors take it seriously, just like these Ukrainians. Well the T-34 was only as good as its suspension system. One of the things on my bucket list is to drive a T-34


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