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  1. In Russia, would the average person think that serving in the Navy is more prestigious than serving in the Army? What are Russian Marines called? (amphibious shock troops)

    • Not really. Back in the Soviet days, the navy was almost a prestige service branch. But when, Yeltsin came to power and let the economy run out of control, the navy was the hardest hit branch.

      In 1992, Russia had seven carriers. By the end of the decade, only one was active.

      Pity, that the current military command refuses to change their thinking. Atleast, when they retire their replacements will be commanders who rose through Russian and not Soviet ranks.

    • The Russian marines are the Naval infantry. They are a small force, between 12,000-14,000 in active strength. But they are very good, and are cross-trained in different roles.

      • I cant believe the OP did now about Naval Infantry they must know very little about military nomenclature seeing as nations either call them “Marines” or “Naval Infantry”.

        The Soviet Navy was quite impressive in the later half of the Cold War they smartly focused on “Area denial” all you really need to do is dominate certain choke points around the worlds seas.Back in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War which caused an increase in US/Soviet tensions the US Navy kept its carries far away from the eastern Mediterranean Sea because of the threat that the Black Sea Fleet and its cruise missile warships.Thin I am lying ask any honest US Navy vet from that time period and they will tell you.

  2. It looks like a Soviet gun. Maybe 305mm or 356mm, the photos are unclear.
    Red Army used the railway guns in the war, though the sizes were smaller than the largest German guns.

    • Look up TM-3-12 on the web you will find many pictures of this same (perhaps others) cannon in parks it is beyond doubt a TM-3-12.

  3. No, the Red Army had rail guns of its own.

    The destroyer gun turrets/bridge memorial thing, from which ship is that?

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  5. ayayay bcs u r the expert in the house can you tell us why dont help in the war in Afganisthan and Irak? or humanitarian help in Haiti or Japan? the european union does but if russia wants to be part of must be close aline with usa

    • Why shud we help you in your wars? It’s not like you are the best of allies. Or do you need more troops to watch your backs while you launch drone attacks on civilians?

      And Russia spends plenty on aid. The floods in Pakistan last year, and a lot more for Africa.

      And Russia already is part of Europe, you don’t have to be part of EU. And seeing the mess the EU is in, joining EU is at the top of Russia’s priorities.

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