Tsarist Russia Ads

Tsarist Russia Ads

These are some interesting ads from tsarist Russia. Take a look!

Here’s an ad of tea sold by weight, Moscow.

Tsarist Russia Ads

Kharkov Chocolate, Confectionary and Cocoa Factory advertisement. Trading House “Kromsky”

Tsarist Russia Ads

Toilet soap, “Zhukov”, St. Petersburg.

Tsarist Russia Ads

Tea in Moscow advertisement.

Tsarist Russia Ads

‘Ottoman’ tobacco processing plant, St. Petersburg.

Tsarist Russia Ads

Brewery and mead factory from St. Petersburg offers a wide choice of beer, such as English, Munich, New, Bohemian, Bavarian and fruit honey.

Tsarist Russia Ads

Cartridge cases advertisement.

Tsarist Russia Ads

Pastry factory advertisement, Moscow. “My first step for cookies”

Tsarist Russia Ads

Cocoa advertisement, Moscow.

Tsarist Russia Ads

‘Kalinkin’ brewery and mead factory, St. Petersburg.

Tsarist Russia Ads

Perfumery, Moscow.

Tsarist Russia Ads

Cocoa ad. “Power is in food”

Tsarist Russia Ads

Rubbers, St. Petersburg. ‘Best quality guaranteed’.


Tsarist Russia Ads

‘Narzan’ cigarettes advertisement, Moscow. ‘Granddad smokes ‘Narzan’!

Tsarist Russia Ads

‘Kapriz’ cigarettes advertisement, St. Petersburg.

Tsarist Russia Ads

Beer and soft drinks, Moscow. “Shabolovsk factory”

Tsarist Russia Ads

Portable ovens. ‘Elegant and efficient.  Continuous burning, any fuel fits’.

Tsarist Russia Ads

Gunpowder ad, St. Petersburg.

Tsarist Russia Ads

‘Bar’ cigarettes ad, St. Petersburg.

Tsarist Russia Ads

‘Zinger’ sewing machine.

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  1. All the “shiny, happy people” portrayed are the nobles and wealthy. Tsarist Russia was as unequal a society as the U.S. is today; that is, a few families /individuals controlled an enormous amount of the wealth and property. Why were there revolutions (in 1905 and 1917)? Inequality.

    • Actually, no. Revolution in 1917 because Germany helped lenin get back into russia, so he could lie to the people and stir up trouble. Why did they do that? Because Germany wanted Russia out of the war. And Russia was pretty tired of fighting and didn’t want to lose. It didn’t take much to get them out of it.

      Just like obama the lawless and the dimocrats in the USA are stiring up trouble.

      People want stuff for free. the see how the “rich” live, and they want that too, but they don’t want to work to get it themselves. They want the state (Russia and the USA) to use their police powers to simply TAKE from those that have it and give it to those that don’t have it.

      And face it, there’s FAR more of those that don’t have it than do, so they’re always out numbered.

      The USA has always been the “Land of Opportunity”. Sadly, today, people don’t want to take advantage of that, they simply want to sit back and let somebody take from one person, and give to another.

      And why can’t those people “make it” today? Because they have been going to a liberal control school, that simply brainwashes them and doesn’t prepare them properly for life on the outside.

      THAT is the main reason they can’t get jobs. They don’t want them, and they’re unqualified for them. They want to start out as an executive in a company, but don’t want to work their way up the “ladder”.

      Years ago, Americans would take any job they could, and as many as needed to support their families. Today, they don’t. Didn’t you hear president obama (the lawless) talk about “jobs Americans won’t do”??

      That alone tells one with a brain that there ARE jobs out there. They’re just jobs those people will not do.

      If you look at what the “protesters” are protesting for, they want things like “free education”, “Free medical care” etc… etc… etc…

      Everything is “free” for them.

      Look at what listening to Lenin got you. Nothing. Except millions of murdered people.

      Same thing is gonna happen in the USA unless people wake up.

      Liberalism is a disease. Almost ALL of America’s problems can be traced back to liberalism. Drugs, crime, housing collapse, no jobs, broken family, end of the black family unit (no fathers), poor schools, poor quality manufacturing (union), jobs leaving the country…. etc… etc… etc… You name it, and it can probably be traced back to liberalism.

      And who has had control of the country for almost 70 years now?? Liberals, except for a couple years in there, a couple of times, when conservatives had control of everything. Liberals had control for the most part when “Bush” was in power. But you don’t hear that. We only had a republican president, but liberals were in control (power) for SIX of his eight years. THEY messed everything up.

      Russia probably would have been just fine if they had simply gotten rid of their monarchy (not murdered them), and simply moved on, and didn’t listen to that rabble rouser Lenin.

      You traded power in one monarchy, for power in one man (crazy man at that).

      Communism, Marxism, socialism, liberalism, simply does NOT work on a large scale. It didn’t even work on a small scale in America’s first colony. Yeah, they tried it. Everybody works together and everybody shares…. soon, nobody was working, because they were hoping to live off of everybody else’s hard work. So they had to move to a more “capitalistic” mode. And it worked.

      It’s freedom that has made America what it is today, the fastest growing, most wealthy country, in the shortest time frame, ever, in the history of the world. And yeah, that’s made a lot of other counties “jealous”. But they’ve been working almost 200 years to limit our freedom. Today, we’re not nearly as free as we were supposed to be. And THAT is what’s hurting us. And why is that? Because of liberalism, and people wanting power.

      Yeah, you just keep on believing in your marxism, and socialism, and communism…. but you can’t show were it works. Show me where it works on a large scale and the people all live well and have equal amounts of stuff and are all as happy as they can be.

      No, socialism and marxism and communism, only make everybody equally miserable. And the people at the top, ALWAYS live FAR better than anybody else. And pretty soon, people get tired of working for nothing. Why should *I* work, to give that guy a free TV?

      Go back to reminiscing about how great your lines for bread and empty grocery stores were. yeah, good times there….

        • You like fiction? The factoid about Germany and Lenin is dead wrong. The February (1917) Revolution was 100% economic. It’s in many main stream histories. Read books by reliable historians instead of pseudo-historians like Glenn Beck. The October Revolution of 1917 was caused by a weak, indecisive Provisional Government that continued to send men into a hopeless meat grinder and would not give workers their just rights. But if you like GJ, you like him. I’m just saying you should read books, not rely on the “Internet” for your information. Books are vetted, the internet is not…

          • In contrast to the February Revolution, the October revolution wasn’t a real revolution in the sense that the common people overthrew an existing regime, it was a minority party taking over control of a weak – weak due to the chaotic circumstances in Russia – government by force. Lenin tried before in July to do the same via a mass uprising, but this attempt failed. In February, Lenin was still living in Geneva. He only arrived in april in St. Petersburg. He didn’t doe this as a kind of German agent, but he would never have gotten there if the German empire didn’t allow him to travel with a special train from Geneva to St. Petersburg through Germany. It’s good that you urge people to read books about the subject, but at least try to give correct information yourself.

      • Odd that you attribute libralism to industrial decline and general decline as a whole.

        In Britain most things used to to be nationalised, such as the Royal Mail, British Rail and the Utilities.

        Thanks to the capitalist freedom (the minority business people controlling the world and politics) our railways are know owned by dutch and french companies, our utilities are outsourced to so many different coompanies in other countries thankfully the Royal Mail arn’t yet privatised, and neither are the NHS and it will never ever be privatised.

        It’s nice to be able to recover from an accident without having a massive insurance bill hanging over your head.

        Anyway my point is instead of the government owning all the vital attributes such as Gas, Electric, Water, Railways, Phone lines etc this gives the companies power over the government, this is a direct result of ‘capitalist freedom’ and it is what is happeneing in America, who will eventually find itself strangled by the very freedom it keeps telling the world it has.

    • Why was there revolution in the early 90’s in the CCCP? Inequality perhaps? Not just “Stalinism”, but fundamental Marxism ideology.

      “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Marxist doctrine is fundamentally unequal. By it’s very nature, those who are more capable and productive end up supporting those who are less productive and less capable.

      Capitalism isn’t a perfect system, there is certainly room for improvement. However, real, unfettered capitalism (i.e. laissez-faire) is as close to a perfect system as can be obtained when dealing with not-so-rational and human things such as people…

      Give people freedom to define their own destinies and let them live with the consequences of their actions, whether they be good or bad.

      With capitalism, there is no legitimate reason why anyone not currently belonging to those “few families controlling an enormous amount of wealth and property” can’t work hard and educate themselves to enrich their lives by providing goods and/or services of value to others.

      That’s what it means to be “pulling your own weight” versus living on state sponsored subsidies and welfare (i.e. money taken from other tax payers; those rich and not so rich)!

    • Any rebuttal from ‘ole comrade marxistworker or Mr. Fox?

      Please, offer something other than personal attacks and slanderous remarks. I’m genuinely interested in your perspective, but in my personal experience, it is unusual that I receive a response of anything more than some cliché or vulgar insult.

      • You’re wrong. I’ve never seen marxistworker or Mr. Fox insult people. They are merely stating their opinions as comments imply. Why are there people protesting worldwide about income inequality and financial criminality? Who caused the financial meltdown in 2008-2009? What about the Great Depression? All under capitalist systems. George blames liberals but it was unregulated capitalists running banks and Wall St. that caused the problems. Mr. Fox and marxistworker have never accused capitalists of being “diseased.” They (rightfully, i.m.o.) attack a system that enriches only a few (comparatively) and tramples many. By the way, the U.S. middle class has been shrinking for 30 years, yet GJ wants to blame only Obama. The Republicans have had the White House and branches of Congress for years. Yet, Obama is the cause of the current problems? Defies belief and logic…

    • “Kalinkin” beer was resumed in post-soviet Russia and now it’s still produced.
      Rubbers factory “Т.Р.А.Р.М.” survived revolution and was known in USSR as “Red triangle”. Now it regressed but still alive as simply “Triangle” and some other factories.
      That’s all I know.

  2. Well now we know that “pathetic advertising” tradition is very old in Russia ! ! ! ! ! !.”Granddad smoke Nazran cigarette” ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. Sheeee’s, almost everything about your country is depressing. No wonder you stay drunk on Vodka. If I had to live there, I’d commit suicide.

  4. This Dutch ad for cacao looks quite simmilar to the Russian ad. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/62/Droste.jpg/220px-Droste.jpg[/img]

  5. The Einem brand chocolate and cookies actually survived through the whole Soviet period, they were just rebranded as “Red October”.

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