World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

The biggest mistake of the Germans was that they did not expect to meet with such a rebuff of the Russians: true heroism, self-sacrifice, and hard work. The USSR proved its ability to mobilize its human resources, industry, and agriculture even under the terrible conditions of the first months of the war, when almost half the industrial and agricultural capacities were lost. The main achievement of the USSR was evacuation and implementation of industrial plants, construction of new factories and enterprises, and development of new lands. The conversion of the economy to the war regime played a great role as well. The industry of the country was aimed at defense technology production, such as weapons, artillery, ammunition, tanks, fighters, and attack planes.

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

The German command was doing urgent regimentation to defend Berlin. 16-17-year olds were called up for military service in January-March 1945. Taking into account these factors, High Command sent three armies to conquer Berlin. It also planned to involve the Baltic Navy, the Dnepropetrovsk military flotilla, the 18th air fleet, and anti-aircraft defence of the country.

World War II, Germany Downfall

The Soviet Army defeated 70 German infantry divisions, 23 armoured and motorized divisions; about 480 thousand people were taken prisoners; over 11 thousand weapons and mortars, over 1500 tanks and 4500 aircrafts were seized. In the final operation the Soviet Army incurred big losses: over 350 thousand people (78 thousand died), 2156 tanks and artillery pieces, 1220 weapons and  mortars, and 527 aircrafts.

World War II, Germany Downfall

Operation Berlin was one of the most prominent operations of WWII. The victory of the Soviet Union was the determining factor in the downfall of Germany. It was celebrated on May 9, 1945.

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

After the downfall of Berlin, Germany was no more capable of offering resistance and had to capitulate.

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall

World War II, Germany Downfall


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  1. Stalin. How does a monster like that keep power for so long? He even had members of his family killed. I think if there was TV back then, so people can get a really close and constant view of him it would have been different. Same with Hitler.

    Russian people won the war with Germany in-spite of Stalin

    • For most of the people he was a heroe. He industrialized the country, people lived now better.

      What he did in WW II was brillant. He fully stood behind the interests of CCCP. Also the his cleaning were really logical for him. It was maybe the only way to keep CCCP and him on power. Ofcourse it was brutal, but for HIM the best way.

      • @historian

        Nope. Stalin was personally responsible for horrific losses at the dawn of German attack in 1941. He actually destroyed the Red Army, killing its officers during the purge of 1937 – 39. And he would never win the war without his nimble officers like Zhukov. Stalin was a blood thirsty monster and he was just like Hitler.

      • Maybe not for you, but we are proud of it. Yes, we are proud of it. We took on the the biggest and most powerful invasion force to date, and didn’t just beat it back, but launched a counter-invasion. True, 30 million died. But we don’t look back upon that with shame (as you seem to think). We look back at that with pride as well as sadness.

        • So you are actually proud on all the victims Stalin made during the Red Terror, the collectivisation and the aftermath of the war? Some people really do deserve the leaders they get.

          • Nope. I said I’m proud of those that died in the War, not some lunatic mass industrialization program. I’m not proud of Stalin. I just said that I’m proud of the sacrifices that my ancestors made.

  2. The photo from underground works shows unfinished fuselages of He-162, single-engined fighter aircrafts. The interesting “Wolfenstein-esque” photo may be showing a GI Joe in Wewelsburg.

    • Nope, not Wewelsburg, the caption on the website these photos were all lifted from states:
      “A U.S. soldier stands in the middle of rubble in the Monument of the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig after they attacked the city on April 18, 1945. The huge monument commemorating the defeat of Napoleon in 1813 was one of the last strongholds in the city to surrender. One hundred and fifty SS fanatics with ammunition and foodstuffs stored in the structure to last three months dug themselves in and were determined to hold out as long as their supplies. American First Army artillery eventually blasted the SS troops into surrender. (Eric Schwab/AFP/Getty Images)”

  3. The biggest mistake of the Germans was that they were fighting almost the whole world at once. If they fought only with USSR – russians would have been smoked big time…

    • Not for real. Look at the map, germans didnt even took it for moscow. And even if they would, so what? they would have burned it down. Only people who know nothing say something like that.

    • Same may be said about the western front. Jankies woul dn’t even had a chance, since ~80% of nazies fought in east. WWII victory was made by both of sides effort.

    • It was mainly Hitler’s obsession to interfere and doubt his general’s strategic capabilities. As his generals advised to attack Moscow head on, Hitler pressured the importance else, this significantly gave Stalin the opportunity to move its eastern Siberian troops back into Moscow before the Soviet industrial machine woke up.

      • It was also good work form russian spionage, which new that japan wouldnt attack russia, so the troops could be send westward.

    • Not hardly.
      The biggest mistake was allowing Hitler to run the whole military show. To micro-manage his military. Hitler was a military dunce.

      The soviets had WAY more people and equipment. Stalin could just throw millions of people at Hitlers forces.

      Hitler was obcessed with creating these huge, heavy, great, complicated machines to destroy everybody. And yeah, they were huge, they were “great”. But it turned out that to win the war, you needed something simpler, lighter, and cheaper, so you could produce millions of them to their thousands.
      Russia had the war won by the numbers.

      But you are right about fighting the whole world at one time. Again, he was a dunce. Opening the second border war in the south east (Italy), then the south (Normandy) and already with Russia, that’s three.
      I wonder what would have happened had he not declared war on the USA. (the two southern fronts).
      Probably, France and England both would have russian accents by now, because they would have received the same treatment as the other European countries like Poland.

  4. What means of downfall of mazi germany? Now – 66 years after fall of nazism – many people still act and think like nazi. many racist around the world is good example. futhermore, in some country rascism is common idea.

  5. so, so sad! thanks Soviet Union for defeating one monster and bringing another, sometimes even bigger monster instead!
    every war is horrible, it is NOT heroic, it is just horrible and sad…
    and the Great Russian Liberators were not so great – raping and killing numerous civilinas as they continued westward on the front!!! capturing random people on the street and sending them to labour camps, to death!!!
    not so heroic, huh?

    • With all due respect to those who died during WWII… Our nationals still like to claim that it is our Victory (not Tragedy), even like all the people in the world own us. I really (being russian as well) can`t stand such attitude… They even don`t call this war WWII, but Great Patriotic War – to show that we were calling the shots…

      Our grandfathers did their best. Today we have to do our best. So shame that our nationals are still in euphoria from yesterday pride…

      • Its Called the Great Patriotic War because in no other war in all time , all places never been concerned all people. And I mean all, in every family was soldiers, children and woman worked for the army. We call it Victory because it is one and still remember our Veterans with respect.

        What is the point in calling a win a lose? You cant understand this because you propably raised in Yankee land with all propaganda, keep going watching saving private ryan…

        Mosgi vkluchi!

    • reznor

      none is saying that the red army were saints or that they didn’t commit crimes. but the way you say it, it’s like everyone else that fought in ww2 were saints. Take for example the ones that started it. the nazis. the crimes they committed against the soviets were even worse. its no wonder to me, that few soviet officers would even attempt to stop their forces from taking revenge. I know i wouldn’t.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, here is one of those I am talking about.

      I was born in Soviet Union. Does it mean, that I should be affected by “our” propaganda? Which tells that we are best country in the entire world (still have NO IDEA why…)? Like “we won this war, now go and tell every foreigner you`ll meet `bout it”?

      I would response on your “turn on your brains” with the same shout, but you definitely have no logic, my dear friend.

    • It seems like lots of russian patriots like “historian” came here.

      It is so easy not to debate, but just to press “thumb down” button.

  6. Quite frankly, you are the one to check your facts. Although not a valid source, Wikipedia could give you some insight.

    I’m from The Netherlands but am aware of the underestimation of the Soviet Unions role within WW2. Praised by the media are moreoverly the ones we see as our allies, being: the USA and the UK. Although i agree upon your statement of the disproper use of communism by the Soviets in their reign, some words also could be said about the USA’s interference within Vietnam and other defense/oil industry driven conflicts.

  7. 23 000 000 dead soviets are not “commies”. Stalin didnt won ww2 – Soviet peoples did it. Geoff, I must reply to your comment also. Stalin do terrible things,only blind cant see that but we have TV and net today and what we do about Libya,Iraq,Afganistan and others? Monster is monster no matter he is from USA,USSR or Germany .

    • Yes, against communism that murdered so many people. Had it not been for communism, those wars would never have started. China and Russia have been FAR more responsible for the deaths and murders of FAR more people than the USA.

      Sorry, but you guys need to get your facts straight. yes, on the surface, the US did go to war with those countries, but you left out the REASON.
      You also left out the fact that stalin gobbled up many European countries in the process of “winning the war”.

      Stalin was no great hero. He deliberately waited until countries were desperate for help and would accept HIS terms (meaning turning over land, materials (iron, nickle etc…) or even entire countries) for his “Help”.
      That’s a lot like seeing a man dying in the street after a car accident, and saying “Ok, I’ll help you, just sign this form that says you’ll give me everything you own. Else, you’re gonna die right here in the street pal”.
      Those countries today, have finally broken the “iron grip” the soviet union held over them. And how many people died then also?
      Yeah, china and russia have been in “cahoots” with each other, starting just about all the worlds problems out there, while the USA has been mainly trying to put those fires out.
      Are the totally innocent? No. I never said they were.
      But the very reason they’re involved in so much stuff around the world, is trying to either stop, prevent, or fix what russia and china have done!
      You mentioned (or somebody else did) north korea. Who’s fault is that!! certainly not the USA’s! russia and china created that whole mess, and then pretty much just walked away from the table, saying “OK USA, this is your problem now, YOU deal with it! have fun!”
      And the USA stopped them at the common border they share right now. And gee, look at how poorly the communist north is doing, compared to the democratic (USA) south is doing!! The south is one of the most prosperous counties on the planet, while the north… is a HUGE cesspool!

      And you want to blame the USA for that?

  8. Despite bringing the present generations tons of magnificent (in a way) photos, World War II was an outbreak of terrible evil from all sides.
    Nowadays it is hard to understand for me the apparent pride of majority of Russian people clearly expressed in the Victory Day, in a wicked manner. As someone said above, not USSR alone defeated Nazi Germany, and the co-victory of USSR brought a grim period of isolational and opressive Soviet rule that lasted a half-century(!) not only to Russia, but many other formerly independent countries as well.
    Despite Germany was burnt down to ashes, divided, reunited and even still pays reparations in various forms, Germany now is far better well off than the former communist block.
    It reminds me the “Victory” Day’s of May 9 which I am often forced to observe as Russian people drinking, yelling and waving Soviet and Russian flags while driving have a “TO BERLIN!” painted in cyrillic on the doors of their BMW’s.
    And I thought: “With a BMW to Berlin? For what…? I guess for spare parts!” They seem not so eager to drive their Zhiguli when the curten has fallen…
    But no offence, of course, Russia is great, this blog is magnificent and the Zhiguli is interesting too, it is this mentality of Vicotry Day that I cannot understand.
    Seems like a lack of politeness to me.

  9. Everyone knows it’s the USA and the UK who defeated Hitler. He lost to the Russians because the weather was too cold in Russia and the german soldiers didn’t have good enough clothing.

    We all learn that in school so it must be true. Right?

  10. Check your math! War started SEP39, US entered DEC41, European war ended MAY45, therefore US fought for about 3.5 years! About the same length as the Soviets fought the Germans. Before that they were nazi ALLIES!!

    As for Korea, look up ‘Pusan perimeter’; Vietnam, check Ho Chi Minh & FRENCH colonialism!

    After you have educated yourself, feel free to post your apologies!

    • double-check your own math. historian is right. up until overlord, the us had not fought directly against german forces, or even on europe proper. so as historian said the us really did join just 1.5 years before the end of the war.

      historian doesn’t need to apologize for anything, but maybe you should.

          • The allied effort in North Africa was more vital than historian seems to think. And it did a whole lot to change the course of the war. Had the British lost control of the Suez canal, getting aid to the USSR would have taken much longer. It is not as if the US could have shipped supplies directly to Vladivistok, as the Japanese navy was kind of in the way. A Japanese aircraft carrier would have quickly destroyed a convoy of liberty ships. It would also have been a violation of the Soviet and Japanese non-aggression pact, and would have created an eastern front for the USSR.
            IF the Allies lost control of the Suez, it would have meant 1 to 3 months longer shipping necessary materials through the u-boat infested Atlantic around the entire African continent to the USSR; so instead of making weapons and ammunition, the Soviets would have been busy dicking around manufacturing drill presses and pressure gauges. There is also the matter of foodstuffs and raw materials…However, for now, we will overlook farming and mining operations…So much for overlooking the importance of the Lend-Lease Act.
            Oh, and Americans (with the rest of the allied forces, excluding the Soviets ) were engaged in the largest Naval war in human history against the Imperial Japanese Navy.
            So, yeah…

  11. Seems to me these photos were ripped from , go there for more photos and descriptions on each image.

  12. @CZenda
    It’s inside the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig.ölkerschlachtdenkmals_Leipzig_mit_Totenwächter_September_2005.JPG

  13. It’s a shame to see a positive swastika perverted for such mad ideology.

    It took only 25 years to destroy a 3000 years-old peaceful symbol, at least in the Western world. Good thing it’s not all badly viewed in in the whole world.

    There’s even one in a Israeli synagogue, hihi!

  14. well, baltic’s were first occupied by soviets and only after that, when old comrades begun fight with each other, by germans – so there was a lot of reason to fight against commie devils in baltics.

  15. Just Stalin,i mean just Stalin was the “true” hero of the WWII.He “mobilize” his forces very intelligently and Marshall Zhukov turns his dream of Hitler defeat in reality ! ! ! ! ! ! !after war,Stalin rebuild ruined USSR and Eastern Europe very quickly.after “untimely” death of Lenin,Stalin proved his “Management” skill and set new standerds to the world ! ! ! ! ! !

  16. “true heroism, self-sacrifice, and hard work”: don’t make me laugh! Most soviet soldiers were more afraid of political commissars and Stalin than of the Germans. And again, like always in history, Russians could only win when they were at least 10 times as many as the enemy. Don’t make me wrong: I love the Russians as people, but hate communism and historical lies.

  17. kater you are just one more dumb people who take the official version as the true. Americans helped hitler to start the war in many differents ways, and in fact americans was on the germans side at the beginning, but when they saw that soviets began to win, they really take offense that soviets can win the war and then get europe under control so they came to fight against germans, and in fact in 1942-43 war was already lost by germans.

    Even if stalin was mad and communism is (maybe) a bad political system (but capitalism isn’t better as we can see actually!) those people had fought for freedom instead of americans who fight only for money!

    • Did America have a non-agression pact wth Hitler? No, Stalin’s USSR did. Was America selling Hitler oil while he made war on Britan and France? No, USSR.
      Propaganda is everywhere. In the west, you don’t need to dig far to get at the facts, in the USSR, whole sections of the library were closed to the public, only state approved researchers were permitted entry. Don’t believe these facts? Ask a polak.

      • whats wrong with having a non-aggression pact. its not like the us didn’t have any at all.
        what’s wrong with selling oil to anyone, in this case germany who were fighting the british (who weren’t exactly the best of friends of the soviets)

  18. The picture with the banner “DIVATCSARNOK” is in fact was taken somewhere in Hungary. “Divatcsarnok” in hungarian means “fashion hall”.

  19. Viewing the pictures of destruction begs the question: What was the carbon footprint of WW2? Can it even be calculated relative to the energy consumed to wreak such destruction and then to rebuild it all over again.

  20. Somewhere on the internet exists a photoshopped version of the lead picture of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. In the photo Churchill is holding a Mac, Roosevelt is holding a PC and Stalin is holding a Speak and Spell. Funny!

  21. There is much confusion here. Certainly, the USSR took the brunt of the German onslaught. 20 million dead can testify to that.
    The USSR did not win WW2 because of Stalin, they won in spite of him. General Zhukov, was the military genius who was able to strategically turn the tables on Germany.
    Stalin, made peace with Hitler and sold him all the natural resources necessary for Germany to make war on the west.
    When the war against the USSR began, Stalin appears to have suffered a nervous breakdown, no orders were given and as a result, the Russian army was decimated. This plus the fact that Stalin had purged the Soviet army to the point where USSR couldn’t even successfully invade Finland, emboldened Hitler to attack her.
    Stalin distrusted the military before the war and saw it as a possible internal threat to his regime.
    It’s appalling how misinformed some of you are on both sides of this argument.
    What history books are you reading? Are you reading any?

    • Archy has a good point there. I am American but have lived in the former USSR a few times in te past. I know both perspectives of the West and the former USSR. Both sides are mostly wrong and misinformed!

      In the former USSR, the war is called “The Great Patriotic War”. That name is a some what selfish one and most there believe that they were the only ones fighting. They tend to not realize that their forces fought only within the limits of their country and did not assist anyone else in any other region of the world. They also do not realize that they were the devils (Nazis) “best-friends” during the first 2 years of the war (1939-1941) while the rest of Europe was getting beat-up by the Germans. A nation like England fought the TOTAL length of the war in all regions of the world. Also, do not forget the Lend-Lease Program where the US assisted the USSR with vital war materials before having to enter the war after Pearl Harbor. Which leads me to another example, the fight against the Japanese. Stalin signed a peace treaty prior to war with Germany and did not help the rest of the world in the Pacific theatre until the last few days of the war months after Germany’s surrender (to take control of Korea only!)

      In the West, the war is called “World War 2” because it is viewed as a war that involved the entire world (which it did!) and almost every nation. The western Allies fought in the Pacific, European, North African and Indian regions during most of the war.

      Everyone should just look at the facts and get on with it. Many people and countries suffered and every soldier was a hero in my book!

      • I never realized that Soviet Russia once stretched all the way from the Vistula to Berlin (because we only fought within the limits of or country).

        I also thought that the ratio of Soviet war materiel to the US materiel used by the Soviets was 6:1. Now I know it was the other way round (because the US assisted the USSR with vital materiels before and after peral harbor).

        And I also believed that it wasn’t just Stalin, but all the other Allied leaders that gave Nazi Germany the first priority over Imperial Japan, but now I know better. (after all the USSR didn’t help EVERYONE else until germany was defeated and even then it was just for Korea)

        You may have seen both perspectives, but you are very one-sided.

        • The US were attacked by Japan but decided also to fight Germany which never attacked the US, only made a declaration of war. The Soviet Union were attacked by Germanyn and decided not to fight Japan until the war was in fact already over.

        • Archy Bunka

          I was replying to bobbob2008. Not to you. And the facts you stated are correct, atleast in the comment which is err five places above mine.

          I seriously doubt that bobbob2008 would know much about the Soviet side of things. The only way an American could live in the former USSR was if he was a diplomat. That would mean he wouldn’t be allowed out of Moscow, he would be under 24hr surveillance and would have a KGB tail whenever he left the embassy.

          And you yourself appear to be blinded by your own propaganda. Even back in Soviet times (Gorby times, in my case), I was taught the same facts that are taught in modern Russian history classes. Just the presentation was different.

          • When I say “former USSR”, that means the countries or area that used to be part of the USSR. You are right. I did not live there during the USSR. I would not want a KGB tail whenever I left the embassy.

            I also meant that the USSR only fought within the confines of the general area of their country (or theatre of war). They never jumped any oceans or continents. Vistula to Berlin? There was no military importance in Berlin at all. Stalin just wanted it as a trophy and unfortunately allowed alot of brave Soviet soldiers to die to get it. The bulk of the German forces were to the North and South. Also, (Vistula to Berlin???) is Berlin really far from the original USSR border line of control prior to the beginning of the conflict (middle of Poland)? That is only 500 km away!

            True, the US did not land on Europe until half way or 2 years before the end of WW2. They were a bit tied up elsewhere (Pacific, etc.) The US was however fighting the Germans in North Africa within the 1st year of joining WW2. Don’t forget the US (and British) also flew the bombers that destroyed Germany for quite a few years prior to the end. I was surprised when I lived in “one of the former USSR republics” to hear from the locals that it was only the Russian forces who bombed Germany with their massive bomber fleet.

            But these are mere minor facts that are well known, at least in the West.

            We can argue about this forever. It is funny though that I am not saying any of your statements are untrue, I am merely adding information which you have tended to omit and overlook. You seem to like bashing my statements on historical facts to keep your own ideas and mindset intact. Of course in a true arrogant typical Russian fashion. That is OK though. Keep your head (and nose!) up high.

  22. And then Eastern Europe fell behind the Iron Curtain for half a century and all progress, human rights and civil liberties ground to a halt as the oppressive USSR systematically tried strange and suffocate the desire for freedom and self-expression of every single individual unlucky enough to have fallen under its shadow.

    Not to mention the Red Army raping almost every women between Moscow and Berlin on the way in, and back on the way out, including the elderly, the pregnant, and children. Repeatedly. And then the pogroms and annihilation of Jews, Christians, Muslims, homosexuals, free thinkers and anyone else they felt threatened the Party. Starvation of millions without end due to ridiculous forced industrialisation plans.

    I thank God almost every day that Finland managed to remain autonomous and on the free side of the Iron Curtain. And yet we were forced to pay war reparation costs, as an aggressor and axis ally, because we fought to keep the Soviets from CONQUERING us.

    History. Sometimes it is almost too ironic to bear. Especially when revisionists try to paint the USSR as anything other than an evil empire just as bad, and unfortunately longer lived, than the Third Reich.

    • You Finns paid dearly for Stalin’s lust for conquer but your small nation played a key role on the Eastern Front. Shall you Finns not stop at the old border, shall you cut the Murmansk Railway, shall you close the gap at Lake Ladoga, Leningrad would inevitably fall. Soviets, starved of key strategic materials and at the onslaught of German forces in front of Moscow would collapse, with consequneces I would better not imagine.
      History has quite a lot of if’s. One thing concerning Finns is for sure. Joe Stalin left your nation be free more than others (like CZ, PL, HU) because he must have felt Finns saved his ass in winter of 1941-1942.
      He was no way kind, it just was better for him to have you Finns out of his empire, to serve as a “neutral” bridge bertween USSR and West.

      • The irony being that we where then forced to pay war reparations TO the USSR for defending our own independence from Red invasion.

        And then went on to be the only country in the world to have paid its war reparation costs in full.

        Not to mention being forced to cede Karelia to the USSR in 1940 after the first instance of aggression, which resulted in one of the the largest land-based exodus’ ever with 410,000 Finnish Karelians, or 12% of Finland’s population, evacuating.

        This was finalised in the Paris Peace Treaty of 1947 along with the crippling reparations costs that were forced upon Finland by the USSR due to its “victor” status.

        Ever since, Karelia has been a wasteland of destitution.

        On the basis of this I counter the claims of the Soviets as “liberators” or other such nonsense.

        They came to Finland to invade, and when we resisted, it cost our nation an arm and we had to pay THEM the cost of their failed efforts.

  23. Actually, that’s not true, although it is a common misperception. Stalin was indeed a megalomaniac, but was a megalomaniac in the the right place at the right time. His pact with Germany, so despised by some ignorant people here, was a method of buying time to establish the military industrial base to counter Germany. If he hadn’t Germany would have defeated Russia and won the war. The US and the UK would not have had a look in. So, despite being a murderous dictator, responsible for countless innocent deaths, he actually shaped the current world, which would have been very different without him. He had FAR more influence on the second world war than Churchill or Roosevelt, who basically used him to defeat the Germans and came in at the end to grab a bit of the glory. We are all subject to nationalistic propaganda, the West no less so than others. But Stalin had an enormous impact on the outcome of the second world war and consequently the modern world and anyone that says otherwise is sadly misinformed and ignorant.

    • Your portrayal of Stalin may have some objective merit, but you destroyed your credibility with the cheap jab at Churchill and Roosevelt, which overlooks the fact that the UK had been fighting since almost the beginning, and that the US intervened despite not being under threat of imminent invasion.

      Stalin only reacted once Hitler double-crossed him. It is only at that point that Stalin began mobilisation and re-configuration into a total war economy. (which was incredibly short-sighted considering that Nazis were rabidly anti-communist, and that infact anti-communism and fear of the reds is what launched them to political prominence and kept them there)

      • Also, its not correct to refer to the USSR as Russia. They are entirely different entities by every extension of definition including but not limited to geographically, politically, and chronologically.

    • The Non-agressionpact, the name itself is in fact propaganda, because it was more than just non-agression, it was a pact to cooperate and to divide Eastern Europe between Germany and the USSR. Without the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-agression pact, there might never have been an invasion of Poland – or if there was an invasion, it would have placed Geramny from the beginning opposed to Frane and Great-Britain as well as the Soviet Union. Without that non-agression pact, Germany might never have been able to first defeat Western Europe and afterwards invade the Soviet Union, because Germany would have had to face all opponents at the same time. THe invasion of the Soviet Union would never have been possible. So, in fact, by signing the non-agression pact, Stalin almost signed the death warrant for the Soviet Union. So, yes, the non-agression pact is rightfully despised by some in thsi dicsussion.

  24. And how did the Germans conquer Europe? With the help of their trusted ally the Soviet Union. Instead of helping the invaded countries in Europe, the USSR delivered, oil, grain and other necessary goods to Germany. Yes, and why would the Soviet Union have helped France and Great-Britain? After all, the reason for starting World War II in Europe was the German invasion in Poland. And what had the Soviets got to do with this? Right, they just joined Germany in invading, occupying and terrorizing Poland and it’s population. And after that the Soviet Union went on conquerring parts of Europe: the Baltic States, Moldavia… It only changed when they themselves got hit by the Germans. For Great-Britain the war lasted from the 1st of September 1939 until the 8th of May 1945, for the Soviet Union it lasted from 21st June 1941 until the 8th of May 1945…

    If the United States would have reacted the same way to the German invasion into Russia as the Soviet Union would have reacted to the German invasion into Western Europe, then they would have sent food en military help to Germany instead of sending it to the Soviet Union.

    And the big damage after the war, yes the US did some nasty things, too many nasty things, actually, but of course you forgot to mention that it was not the US but North Korea backed by communist China and the USSR that started the Korean War, and you easily seem to forget things like striking down the popular uprinsing in Berlin, the invasions in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, the invasion in Afghanistan…

    And, by the way, someon calling himself “historian” should be aware of the fact that Bulgaria, Italy and Romania were never taken by the Germans, they simply were German allies from the beginning.

  25. Whatever the truth is, it looks like it (the truth) has become a casualty of the war.

    But one truth left= We must not let such terrible destruction happen again.

  26. Useless to argue with those who think their country a center of the world and can not see anything else around.

    Yes, Stalin did horrible things but he did it for the prosperity of the country as a whole. This is a big politics there is no humanity. The same thing is doing america now. But I think the U.S. gone too far. This much even for Stalin.

    • We should add a quoting of him: “I prefer to rule my people through fear rater than conviction. Convictions can change, but fear remains.”

      And he ruled, them to glory, in so little time raised a whole army, developed even in much fields better technology. I think as he kept asking the allies 3(!) years long to open the second front at the end he wasnt happy he did, cause russia could easily reach the atlantic. if you look at the enormous motivation of the army in the last half year of war.

      • what about the genocide of the Ukrainian people during the 30’s? With famine? And even in 1937 people who refused to join the kolchoz, everything was taken from them, they were surrounded by NKVD forces and isolated…died in hunger! (Zhytomyrska oblast etc). what do you say to that?

  27. Hi, you judge old things in modern way grabbing them out of context. The core of your controversy “we had superior ideology so we’re the only winners” is aggrieved child’s plea. German nazism crossed the very humanity and nothing could be set in the same line with it. The USSR at this moment was sick with communism, and it was inevitable.

  28. Russia had a good victory over Germany. Of that there is no doubt. While Us didnt join in untill late in the war, They were also as responsible for the victory as Russia. Without a combined effort on both fronts The Germans would have won.

      • What destroyed all the facilities Reich used for production of synthetic fuels? Hint: It had four engines, it was flying and it had absolutely nothing to do with USSR.

  29. If you see the ratings on the comments, it is clear that the Nashi-nazi’s on this site have a lot of problems with historical facts and prefer to stick with Stalinist propaganda.

  30. Two crucial points for the uninitiated:

    – Germany used ~85% of her military resources fighting against the Russians.

    – Germany lost 75% – 90% of her men fighting against the Russians.

    That should put WWII into perspective and where the US fits in.

  31. The Nazis had to contend with the stubborn resistance of the Soviet people as well as the the sheer size of the territory they hoped to control.
    The industrial bases could be moved far from German bombers and the harsh weather that had defeated so many invaders, before was an equally important ally. Yes, Stalin was a monster,that doesn’t change the heroism of the Soviets in a long a costly war. And it didn’t hurt that the US sent everything we could to aid the Soviets before our entry into the war and we continued there after.

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