20 thoughts on “Drawings of Mad People”

  1. Wow, the people who drew them are very talented. It’s a very sad that almost all paintings show great suffering they must endure.

  2. I would like to know what each person was suffering from.I find the 16th picture down rather interesting was this person a nymphomaniac? Notice that the wealthy guy it the tub with top hat does nothing while the other guy gets it doggy style?

    Some real life famous artists where mentally ill Van Gogh is believed to have been schizophrenic it is said that they “see” certain colors.

  3. The term “mental illness” ,i can’t understand ! ! ! ! ! !the people who are not “similar’ to others are “Psycho” ! ! ! ! ! !.Leave them alone for expression of their “ideas” ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. hey, does anybody know who painted the picture with the doctor saving the woman from the skeleton? I happen to have a little statue of the same situation…but i never knew where it came from!

  5. A lot of the works seem to show evidence of schizophrenia, the condition where the inner regions of the brain are trying to communicate with the outer regions. Such warbled messages tend to be of a taunting, violent, disparaging quality. Thus, most schizophrenics often become agitated, paranoid, or depressed and that could account for some of the more disturbed drawings.

    • Socialist “science” as dictated by politics in the USSR, resulted in mental health facilities packed with political prisoners.

      • Yes, you’re right, my Atlantic coast Comrade, but this was a Stalinist/neo-Stalinist ploy; not a method of the enlightened Comrades of the 1920s. Dissent was not punished in such a nightmarish manner until the 1930s and afterwards.

  6. If you like this kind of art and you happen to be around Switzerland, have a look at the “Collection de l’Art Brut”, in Lausanne, there’s a lot of similar stuff on exhibition.

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